UK alt-rockers Nature Trip return with new single/video ‘Feel Good’

Produced by Jamie Hall (Tigercub)


Brighton-based alternative rock band Nature Trip have released a music video for their brand new single ‘Feel Good’. The track was recorded and produced by Tigercub frontman Jamie Hall in Brighton Electric Studios.



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On the new single, frontman and songwriter Ales states: “We wanted to make the song sound big. Drums in studio 2 sound huge and guitar amps cranked all the way up to ten are adding the spark. I think you can hear how it breathes. Lyrically, the song is about misinformation; how easy it is to say everything or nothing is true and one can never be sure anymore.”

Guitarist Vit adds: Jamie has the guts to go over the edge, especially when it comes to playing around with distortion. Brighton Electric is a second home for him and Tigercub records which we always loved.”

Nature Trip’s new single celebrates the comeback of classic alt-rock to the radios, following the established names in the genre like US-based Teenage Wrist and Narrowhead, while also musically inclining towards the uprising British rock talents like Wunderhorse and Tigercub.

It all started in 2019 when three friends moved across the channel and started a band in Brighton, UK. Powered by the new environment of the Brighton music scene, they slowly climbed up to sold-out shows in their new hometown. Taking advantage of their Praguer roots, Nature Trip also regularly tour the Czech Republic. The band’s 2022 debut album New Connections was featured on Kerrang! Radio in the UK and Radio 1 in Czech Republic, followed by sold-out headline shows in both territories.

In 2023 Nature Trip have been working on new material with producer/Tigercub frontman Jamie Hall. The first single ‘Feel Good’ was recorded in Studio 2 in the famous Brighton Electric Studios and mixed by LA-based Sonny Dipperi (Narrow HeadDIIVDevil Wears Prada). Both names suggest the musical direction of the band has shifted towards heavy rock.

Nature Trip are:

Ales – vocals, guitar
Vit – guitar

Nature Trip online:






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