When Mayhem Music Magazine’s Dwayne Cavanas, asked me to listen to a new song and let him know what I thought, I said “Ok, and thought, here we go with another cookie monster hard rock song”. He played “Turn me on, Turn me down” and did not say who was singing it. Within seconds of hearing the song, I wanted to know who was singing it and where I could get the rest of the album! It was Terry Lee Palmer and the EP was not available yet.

Terry Lee Palmer has been the guitarist for Jon Pardi for the past 8 years. His personality is a blend of rock meets southern country, which is projected in real life and when he hits the stage.

I patiently waited for the EP “American Buzz” to be released on June 30, 2018 and then went straight to Amazon to purchased it. The EP contains 6 killer songs. Each song brings you that much closer to understanding who Terry Lee is as an artist. His personality shows through in his lyrics and will captivate any country music fan. I found myself immediately singing the lyrics to each song and playing the songs multiple times.

The songs are what country music is about and it has been a long time since an artist has captured that essences. Terry Lee definitely knows what his musical style is and has successfully fused his personality into his music. While Terry Lee has his own distinct style, several of his songs reminded me of country music artist, such as Brooks and Dunn and Hank Williams Jr.

I asked Terry Lee “Who his musical influences were growing up” and was not surprised to see, Brooks and Dunn and Hank Williams Jr. were on the list. Terry Lee has a wide variety of country and rock influence on his music.

Terry Lee stated, “When I was a kid my parents had an extensive album collection of music from all genres. I was not limited in what I could throw on the old turntable. Some of my faves were Hank Jr., Charlie Daniels, Willie, Boston, Toto and ZZ Top (and I’ll admit it-the Bee Gees). When I started playing guitar the 80’s were in full swing and I loved the hair bands. Motley Crue, Whitesnake, Ratt were among some of my faves. Guitarists like Steve Vai, George Lynch and Randy Rhoads were a huge influence on my playing. I was in high school when the 90’s country scene really exploded. Brooks and Dunn, Travis Tritt and Mark Chestnutt were among my favorites and still are today.”

In 2016 Terry Lee did a demo for Porchlight Music. Although the collection of songs was to pitch to other artist, he knew that he could see himself performing several of the songs as an artist. He knew he would eventually do music under his own name but was not exactly sure when. Due to his high level of visibility as Jon Pardi’s guitar player and John’s willingness to let Terry’s own unique persona shine onstage, fans began chanting his name at shows.

On November 27, 2017, Whiskey Riff published an article containing the “10 Hottest Band Member in Country Music” and Terry Lee was on the list! Due to the publicity he was receiving, Terry Lee decided it was time to peruse his own music. In December of the same year, he went into the studio and recorded “American Buzz”. The songs on the EP are from his first Porchlight demo and songs he has written since then.

Terry Lee states, “The reason I decided to record these songs was because I believe they chose me. They are the ones I could see myself performing for a crowd and having the crowd connect with me as an artist.” I believe Terry Lee has done just that, connected his fans to him as an artist with this EP.

“American Buzz” is a Kick Ass EP and one that every country fan needs to get. I’m already looking forward to his next release and hopefully it will be a full LP this time. I look forward to sitting down to interview Terry Lee in the near future, which will surely be started off with a few tequila shots. Until then, remember it’s always “Beer Time”.

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American Buzz (track listing)

Turn me on, Turn me Down
Beer Time
Come Around
Hangin On
American Buzz
Over this thing

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