ANTHEM OF THE PEACEFUL ARMY was Released on October 19th via Republic Records




Greta Van Fleet planted a much needed flag in the foundation of the music industry with the release of their two 2017 EP’s ‘Black Smoke Rising’ and ‘From the Fires’. The band shook up the music world by doing what no other band has been able to do in over forty years, they took an iconic 70’s sound and made it their own. That in itself was no small chore.

With the release of their debut album ‘Anthem of The Peaceful Army’ on October 19th via Republic Records, Greta Van Fleet kicks the door down once again with ten blistering tracks. It should be noted that the band was originally planning to go into the studio with music they had written up until that point but decided to compose new music once they got into the studio.

‘Anthem of The Peaceful Army’ begins with ‘Age of Man’. The track has a renaissance sounding intro with keys, a flute, and crisp vocals which breaks into a midtone chunky guitar. The rhythm sits in the pocket following singer Josh Kiszka’s vocals in a way that has you clinging to every word.

‘The Cold Wind’ comes next. This track gets into exactly why the band is making a name for itself. It takes the sound of a generation gone by and puts a refreshing kick in its ass that makes it modern and relevant. Others have tried with a single track but never truly capturing the essence as an actual band twenty four seven. From the opening guitar riff by Jake Kiszka, this song is a winner with such a catchy groove.

‘When The Curtain Fall’s comes next. This was also the debut single the band released in July. This song also showcases the rest of the band with the bass riffs of Sam Kiska and solid drum work by Danny Wagner in addition to unleashing Jake’s guitar soloing chops.

Coming down from the heights of the previous track, we go into a soothing track entitled ‘Watching Over’ where you get a sitar guitar sound which takes you back to days gone by. Although the instrumentation is highlighted here, it’s Josh’s vocals that are the true star.

The album picks back up with ‘Lover, Leaver (Taker, Believer)’ with this adrenaline filled track. Jake proves that he is has no reason to hold back as he shreds throughout this track with a bluesy rock style. The way these tracks are laid out takes you on a musical journey that does not get boring or repetitive.

Next is one of the best ballads to come out in a very long time from a rock band with ‘You’re The One’. From the steel string acoustic guitar, to the softly laid keyboard, to the emotional vocals; you get a song that most bands would be afraid to release in this day and age.

Greta Van Fleet stays in the pocket by going into a second acoustic style track with ‘New Day’ which would easily be fan favorite live. The track carries so much of what makes this band unique with their versatility in songwriting while still being very recognizable on who you’re listening to.

‘Mountain of The Sun’ kicks the band back into overdrive with slide guitar and heavy rhythms which helps keep the groove moving forward. It’s astonishing that this is Great Van Fleet’s debut album because of the confidence that comes through with every vocal sung and every note played.

‘Brave New World’ sounds the closest to songs from the bands earlier ep’s. It has a raw, gritty sound that is not as polished as the other tracks but that’s what makes it appealing.

To end ‘Anthem of The Peaceful Army’, we finish up by hearing ‘Anthem’ which is a completely stripped down track. This is a campfire track that stays pure to the vocals by layering choir like backing vocals and ethereal instrumentation.

From start to finish of ‘Anthem of The Peaceful Army’ you will not be disappointed. Greta Van Fleet proves that age has new restrictions on talent and they’re earning all the recognition that they are getting. Simply put, they let the music do the talking.

‘Anthem of The Peaceful Army’ is definitely worth a listen.



To purchase or to listen to “ANTHEM OF THE PEACEFUL ARMY” click HERE

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