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I’ve had the opportunity to see Shinedown during their last few tours and will continue to see them as often as possible. I say that because they’re a band that have great songs and put on a phenomenal live show. With their sixth studio album “Attention Attention” being released on May 4th, the band has hit the road doing some warm up headlining shows for the tour with one of their stops being at The Modesto Centre Plaza.

Brent Smith of Shinedown

Brent Smith of Shinedown


For the new album Shinedown had released the first single “Devil” as well as a few days prior to the show the release of “The Human Radio”. If this is the direction the music will take for the full album, this will be another hit album and I look forward to hearing one or both songs live.

During Shinedown’s previous major tour, the band had video monitors and a lot of fire! Yes, the heat could be felt across the venue. I wondered what the band was going to do this time around to top that (although the music on its own is enough have to attend). This time the band brought lasers, lots and lots of lasers.

Brent Smith & Eric Bass of Shinedown

Brent Smith & Eric Bass of Shinedown


Now the title of this review is “A Spiritual Experience” because seeing the band live is like going to a Southern Baptist Church where the sermon is preached, the music flows, and those attending are moved spiritually. Shinedown do not preach any religion to the masses but singer Brent Smith does find a way to reach their audience by talking about the human condition that brought everyone together for this one night and to appreciate the person who is beside you that loves the music as much as you do. People like myself have found comfort in the depth of their songs and can relate to so many of their lyrics.

Zach Myers of Shinedown


Now for more about the show. The band hit the stage with “Sound of Madness” and continued the energy with “Bully” and “Cut the Cord”. Such a strong opening with powerhouse songs and a crowd response filled with nonstop cheering. Smith talked about “Attention Attention” and played the two songs stated earlier during their show but anymore new material will have to wait until the album is released. I can fully understand the reason why the new tracks were limited with all the cell phones raised to record every part of the show.

Eric Bass of Shinedown

The song I always look forward to hearing and is the track that actually turned me onto Shinedown when it was released is “Second Chance”. Even to this day the song has so much personal meaning. I do wish they would bring “The Crow & the Butterfly” back into their set (wishful thinking).

There were plenty of songs to keep the fans pleased like “State of My Head”, “45”, “How Did You Love”, and “Enemies”. Tonight’s performance was a winning combination with Zach Myers blistering guitar work, Barry Kerch’s bass heavy drumming (he could make your heart skip a beat with those bass drums), Eric Bass holding down the fort rhythm wise, and Brent Smith’s vocals and stage presence.

Barry Kerch of Shinedown


Shinedown will be doing tours with Five Finger Death Punch, headlining tour dates, and a tour with Godsmack to promote “Attention Attention”. Wherever you get the chance to go see the band live… do it! Don’t wait for a “Second Chance”.


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