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June 10, 2024

Our June “Concert Photo” Contest Winner


Joe Schaeffer

with his photo of Calico Cooper of Beasto Blanco

taken on the Megacruise




We love this photo Calico in her road warrior mode during the Beasto Blanco set. Joe has a way of capturing the intensity of the moment and that’s what made this our winning photo.

See more of Joe’s work on Facebook at Joe Schaeffer Photography  & on Instagram at joeschaefferphotography 


With all the photos submitted, these are our Honorable Mentions


This Month’s Honorable Mentions are:



Rich Frollini with his photo of Alicia “Mixi” Demner of Stiched Up Heart taken at Stage AE in Pittsburgh, Pa. Rich captured the motion shot with Mixi still having a serene look through her vibrant hair. Such a great capture.


See more of Rich’s work on Facebook at Coda Photography LLC and on Instagram at rich_frollini




Chris Loomis with his photo of a Ace Von Johnson of LA Guns at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, Ca.  Not only is Ace pushing the boundaries of back bending guitar playing but blowing the bubble gum bubble takes this photo over the top. Kudos on this shot Chris!


See more of Chris’s work on Facebook at Chris Loomis and on Instagram at  chris.loomis






Abigail Buckler with her photo of the Brian “Head” Welch of Korn at House of Blues in Las Vegas, NV. Hair flipping shots have always been great to capture but shooting through a sea of dreds are always bonus points. Very cool capture.


See more of Abigail’s work on Facebook at Abigail Buckler Photography and on Instagram at abigailbucklerphotography




Eve Lien (Eve ov Beer) with her photo of Jen Nyx of Blód taken at Hellfest in Clisson, Fr. This photo screams goth, this photo screams punk, plain and simply, this photo screams attitude and was captured perfectly.


See more of Eve’s work on Facebook at Eve ov Beer Photo and on Instagram at eveovbeerphoto




Aaron Del Bono with his photo of Mathias Jabs and Rudolf Schenker of the Scorpions at the Zappos Theater in Las Vegas, Nv.  Anyone who has seen this band play live knows that there are few moments during the show when these two get together without Klause in the photo with them. That’s why we think this is a great capture of this duo.


See more of Aaron’s work on Facebook at Aaron Del Bono and on Instagram at insideevil71





Kevin Smith with his photo of Axl Rose and DJ Ashba of Guns n Roses at The Hard Rock in Las Vegas, Nv. These were two great residencies that Axle did and this was a great capture from the crowd. Fun times and a cool photo. 

See more of  Kevin’s work of Facebook at Kevin Smith 




Jeff Serpa with his photo of Jason Hook of Five Finger Death Punch at Citizens Bank Arena in Ontario, CA. This is a great capture of Jason looking out into the crow with the red background that pops color against the lime green stripes on his Gibson. It is almost a rock portrait of Jason. Great Shot!


See more of Jeff’s work on Facebook at Jeff Serpa









March 18, 2024

Our March “Concert Photo” Contest Winner


Johan Sonneveld

with his photo of drummer Joe Letz of Til Lindemann

taken at the RTM Stage in Rotterdam, Netherlands




We love this photo of drummer Joe Letz stepping out from behind the drums to toss a cake at the crowd. There’s so many things that make this an incredible photo. The colors, Joe’s makeup and expression, the cake in motion, all put together to make this a show stopping photo. 

See more of Johan’s work on Facebook at Johan Sonneveld  & on Instagram at johan_sonneveld_photography


With all the photos submitted, these are our Honorable Mentions


This Month’s Honorable Mentions are:



Alex Matthews with his photo of Sully Erna of Godsmack taken at the North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre in Chula Vista, Ca. Alex chose the correct wide angle lens, positioned himself at the right place and snapped at the right time to get shot of a fully pyro stage.  


See more of Alex’s work on Facebook at Alex Matthews Photo + Video and on Instagram at alexdrumming




Chris Loomis with his photo of a John 5 during Namm Jam 2016 in Anaheim, Ca.  Such a great contrast between light and dark to capture J5 with such an intense look on his face.


See more of Chris’s work on Facebook at Chris Loomis and on Instagram at  chris.loomis




Jeff Serpa with his photo of the late Eddie Van Halen of Van Halen at the Sleep Train Amphitheatre in Chula Vista,Ca. This is a wonderful close up of Eddie doing his tapping technique that forever changed rock music.





Vanessa Hunsaker with her photo of Aaron Leigh of Y&T taken on the Monsters of Rock Cruise 2024. Aaron is seen here with his dark purple bass, under purple lighting, with his Prince wallet chain. Coincidence? I think not. Great capture of Aaron as he stares into the crowd. 


See more of Vanessa’s work on instagram at @thevanillaj




Peter Pap with his photo of Extreme at the Hindley Street Music Hall in Adelaide, Australia. Peter was able to get this great group shot of all four members and the lighted backdrop. There are so many small things to view and it’s just a great shot of bodies in motion.


See more of Peter’s work on Facebook at Peter Pap and on Instagram at  peter_pap_photography





Tovita Bråthen Razzi with her photo of the band Status Quo at Rockefeller in Oslo Norway. It was Status Quo who were the first to really land this guitar trio pose in the 60’s. It helped influence stage shows around the world and Tovita was able to capture it perfectly.


See more of Tovita’s work of Facebook at Tovita Brathen Razzi 




Enrique Sanchez with his photo of Aaron Leigh of Y&T on the Monsters of Rock Cruise. Normally we do not get two photographers shooting the same show but this shows the how a photographer goes for a different perspective on the same subject during a show. Horizontal shot with different lighting and still killer imagery. 


See more of Enrique’s work on Facebook at Enrique Sanchez and on Instagram at enriquesanchez


Congrats to all those who were chosen and We hope you try posting during our next concert photo contest.





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