Skillet is a band that has put in over two decades of hard work defining their sound and has stayed true to who they are. We can talk about Skillet selling 12 million albums worldwide, receiving two Grammy nods, being a Christian Rock band, or even having a Number One single; but what we’re here for is the release of their upcoming album ‘Victorious’.


Skillet is releasing their tenth studio album on August 2nd via Atlantic Records. Skillet knows what they are great at and that’s walking the line between commercial pop and hard rock. I wouldn’t say they strayed musically away from their previous 2017 release ‘Unleased’ but that’s not a bad thing because they know what works and they completely bring it musically.


‘Victorious’ is twelve tracks that showcase John Cooper’s and Jen Ledger’s co lead vocals as well as the vocal harmonies that intertwine through the several tracks. The overall sound of this album is solid from the guitar tones to the structure of the tracks.


As many band’s move toward this styling of commercial pop rock, Skillet stay at the top of the genre because it’s engrained in who they are and it shows proudly. From the intro track ‘Legendary’ to tracks other stellar tracks like ‘This is The Kingdom’, ‘Rise Up’, and ‘Back To Life’; you know you’re listening to a Skillet album that is modern, fresh, and draws you into their world.


The tracks that are true stand outs to me are ‘Terrify the Dark’ and ‘Reach’. They take you on a journey from start to finish and that’s what a great track should do. One track that musically changes the tone of the overall album is ‘Anchor’. It catches you with its piano intro and somber lyrical styling. As the song builds you realize that the theme fits well with the rest of the album.


The is a great album for longtime Skillet fans as well as those just discovering the band. It’s easy to say that with this release of this album, Skillet is ready to battle the music world once again and they are prepared with plenty of music ammo and they will be ‘Victorious’.


The track listing for Victorious is as follows:

  1. Legendary
  2. You Ain’t Ready
  3. Victorious
  4. This Is the Kingdom
  5. Save Me
  6. Rise Up
  7. Terrify the Dark
  8. Never Going Back
  9. Reach
  10. Anchor
  11. Finish Line
  12. Back to Life



Skillet is:

John Cooper – lead vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar

Jen Ledger – drums, percussion, backing and co-lead vocals

Korey Cooper – rhythm guitar, keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals

Seth Morrison – lead guitar



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