This is the first time since seeing Living Colour since the late 80’s as they tour with rock band Extreme. Although the band received notoriety for their song “Cult of Personality”, the band never truly received the recognition they deserved for their originality of mixing rock, funk, jazz, and hip-hop elements that opened the listening pallets of the rock community. I myself am looking forward to seeing and hearing them as they can perform tracks from their six studio albums.



From the moment Living Colour kicked off their set with “Middle Man” and “Leave It Alone”, it was clear that they were there to make a statement. Corey Glover’s vocals were as powerful and emotive as ever, demonstrating a range and versatility that few can match. Vernon Reid’s guitar mastery was on full display, delivering blistering solos that left eager to hear more. During the show, Vernon snapped a guitar string during one of his guitar solo. At the end of the song he laughed and said, “this only happens at live shows”. As far as the rest of the band, Doug Wimbish was on bass and James ‘Biscuit’ Rouse was on drums filling in for Will Calhoun. Wimbish laid down grooves that were impossible not to move to, proving that a funk groove is still the backbone to the band’s sound.



One of the highlights of the night was the band’s ability to connect with the audience. Between songs, Glover spoke to the audience and it felt both personal and universal, touching on themes of unity, resilience, and the power of music to heal and bring people together. This rapport made the concert feel like an intimate gathering of friends, despite the size of the venue.



Living Colour showcased their versatility, incorporating elements of different genres into their setlist. They ventured into their funkier side with “Glamour Boys,” and then into heavier realms with “Type.” The band’s cover of “Kick out The Jams” as a tribute to the current passing of founding member and guitarist Wayne Kramer of MC5 to me was the high point of the evening. The band sounded raw, hard, and just nailed it. I was a show stopper.



The show of course closed out with “Cult of Personality” and it was a fan favorite. It’s been a long time between seeing the band but like a great aged whisky, Living Colour has only gotten better with age.






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