During the Temple of Rock Tour, Legendary guitarist Michael Schenker shares with Mayhem Music Magazine his dream band, his philosophy on life, and what makes him happy


Mayhem Music Magazine:  The release of your latest solo album entitled TEMPLE OF ROCK, what does the album title mean to you?

Michael Schenker:  It’s my temple. It’s the temple of rock. I get my inspiration from within myself and so that’s where I treasure that type of music.  It’s all coming from within and I call it a temple.

Mayhem Music Magazine:  When you play guitar, It seems that you’re very spiritual.  As if your guitar is taking you to another place.

Michael Schenker:  Yeah, I mean it is a spiritual thing. I consciously make the effort to get my inspiration from within rather than from the outside world where stuff already exists. And copying it I don’t think I contribute much by doing that. So by going within myself and getting inspiration from there I can express an art form how I see it. Like how I like to do it. And so I present a color to the world that can only be presented by myself.  Then we expose a place that nobody has access to. You see what I mean?

Mayhem Music Magazine:  Yes I do. I’ve notice that you change the lineup of your band varying on what country you are in, what is the reason for this?

Michael Schenker:  Well it kind of all happens without calculating anything. It’s basically, I make the record and when I finish I look for possibilities how I can sort of go out there and do things.  We approached Robin McAuley. He was available to do a tour; he was available for America.  And Michael Voss was available for Japan and Doogie White was available for Europe.  And so basically I kind of try to coordinate between the people who are available where I can use which lineup and so it all came out this way that in the end I had like three strong lineups. And so I would also realize that I have basically three different groups. And so it’s that kind of a thing.  And each singer is actually singing on Temple of Love. So somehow you know it’s not really consciously my doing but it’s basically like life. It’s you have to wing it and figure out how to, how to move forward. And what happens if you do that certain things develop that are amazing. So in other words I couldn’t have done it myself if I had planned it. But somehow it ended up this way and it’s an interesting situation.

Mayhem Music Magazine:  After doing the Michael Schenker Group 30th Anniversary Tour, which was incredible, how do you feel the fans today receive your contribution to rock and to guitar playing compared to 30 years ago? Do you feel that the fans are just as strong today and believe in the music?

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Michael Schenker:  Everything is different today, very different in a positive and unique way. Like 40 or 30 years ago, the fans are growing with you and they have a different perceptive.  Because now everybody grows up and develops and you know, we are traveling through time and we experiencing their way. So everybody’s doing the same thing, experiencing it differently. Because everything is kind of different but very unique in its own way because 40 years ago you developed everything that you did was unknown and so the fans grew up with you getting to know the songs better and better. And 30 or 40 years later become full cycle. And everybody knows the songs, everybody who will experience this. And if you are still in good shape that’s on top you know. It’s like even a level up, because you know who would have thought 40 years later you could be even better then what you did before as you get older and stuff like that. So it’s kind of, the all in all it’s a very unique and very enjoyable situation.

Mayhem Music Magazine:  If you could put together your dream band whether these are people living or not, who would your band consist of?

Michael Schenker:  My favorite musicians were actually more or less in one band, you know. But then again that was 40 years ago. John Bonham and Robert Plant, I don’t think he (Robert) wants to do anything like that anymore. But you know who I really love? Rod Stewart, even though he ended up singing pop songs, but when he did this stuff with Jeff Beck, the Blues stuff you know, it’s still something. He’s also born the 10th of January, I would love to do a record with Rod Stewart and do like a real rock blues, rock album. That would be great. My favorite musician is John Bonham, and those kind of people. That would be, John Bonham, Rod Stewart and myself. Yeah, that would be it.

Mayhem Music Magazine:  Well the music Rod Stewart put out with The Faces is still some of the best music, it holds up today just as well. Rod is still one of the greatest singers of all time.

Michael Schenker:  Yeah, absolutely.

Mayhem Music Magazine:  With The Scorpions doing the rest of their farewell tour, will you be joining your brother on any of the shows on the road?

Michael Schenker:  Yeah, I mean, whenever they’re ready to do the final ultimate reunion bye-bye tour, I’ll be there.

Mayhem Music Magazine:  I know the Sting of The Tail/Blackout tour is still happening, so there is still time for you to get in there and play with them.

Michael Schenker:  Yeah, I mean, I don’t really know what they’re doing. So when they are thinking of my involvement, they will let me know. In the meantime I just keep moving forward.

Mayhem Music Magazine:  What makes you happy as a person?

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Michael Schenker:  Being creative. Consistently creative, moving forward, developing knowing that I’m moving forward. That I will come closer and closer to the answer of finding out more and more what life is all about. That kind of focus in the forward direction that keeps me going.

Mayhem Music Magazine:  How many more days do you have in the US?

Michael Schenker:  We’re doing the American tour until the roughly the 24th or something like that. And then we go to Japan and were going to be playing in Japan with Herman Rarebell (former Scorpions drummer), Michael Voss (vocals), Elliot “Dean” Rubinson (bass), and Wayne Findlay (guitar & keyboards). Anyway that’s that lineup. And then I’m playing Europe with Doogie White, Herman Rarebell and Francis Buchholz (the original Scorpions rhythm section), Wayne Findley and myself. We’re going to be doing the European part.

Mayhem Music Magazine:  Well thank you for taking the time.  Be safe and enjoy the rest of your tour.


Michael Schenker:  Thank you very much


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