Machine Head is a band formed in Oakland, Ca in 1991 by MH vocalist/guitarist Robb Flynn & former bassist Adam Duce (pictures below do include Adam). Robb had been in the thrash metal bands Forbidden and Voi-lence before quiting to form what has become Machine Head. After recording a home-made demo with guitarist Logan Mader and drummer Tony Costanza, the band caught the attention of Roadrunner Records and were signed to the label.

Machine Head released their debut album “Burn My Eyes” in 1994 and shipped nearly 400,000 copies worldwide, becoming Roadrunner Records’ best-selling debut album. Line up changes occurred including drummer Dave McClain joining the band in 95. The release of “The More Things Change…” in 1997 & “The Burning Red” in 1999.  The band continued to heavily tour throughout this time. Even though the “The Burning Red” became their best selling album for a number of years, it was met with heavy criticism for the band changing the format of their sound. The same was said of their next outing with the release of “Supercharger” in 2001.

In 2002, the band lost label support and left Roadrunner Records. In 2002 Voi-lence guitarist Phil Demmel (who previously played with Robb) also stepped in temporarily with the band but could not commit to the band full time. In 2003 that changed as Phil joined the group as a permanent member which is when Machine Head recorded “Through The Ashes of Empires”. In 2004 the band re-signed with Roadrunner and released “TTAoE”. The band has since  released “The Blackening” in 2007, “Unto The Locust” in 2011, and “Bloodstone & Diamonds” in 2014. Also in 2013, the band fired founding bassist Adam Duce who was replaced by Sanctity guitarist and vocalist Jared MacEachern. Machine Head left Roadrunner once again and signed to Nuclear Blast for the release of “Bloodstone & Diamonds”.

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