Christopher Shayne steps out on his own with the release of “Turning Stones”


Christopher Shayne leaves behind his days as the frontman for the hard rock act Whiskey Six and ventures out as a solo artist with the release of his album Turning Stones out on July 29th.

Christopher Shayne brings the sound of Southern rock alive with his modern and fresh take with a harder blues rock edge added. With a vocal tone that reminds me of Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell, Shayne’s vocals are the punch that makes his songs carry an energy from the beginning of the album until the end. Although this is considered a solo effort, Shayne brought along his writing partner and former Whiskey Six lead guitarist Dave Lansing to make this the best album possible. Shayne also teamed up with producer/ engineer Chuck Alkazian (Bob Seger, Melissa Etheridge, Soundgarden) at Pearl Studios just outside of Detroit to record and master the album.

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Shayne perfected his sound while performing as the opening acts for Korn, Avenged Sevenfold,Volbeat, Slash, and many others. That is the energetic sound that Alkazian was able to capture in the studio.

The first single released in May from Turning Stones was “Give a Damn”. It’s a straight up rocker that Shayne states deals with his frustrations as an emerging artist. Other songs like “Take Your Time” and “Home” put you straight in a backroad bar hearing some bluesy country rock that is immediately likable. Shayne simplifies the song “Heartache” by stripping it down to just vocals and a guitar and delivers such a heartfelt message. There are some strong rockers like “Rock Show” and “Outcha Mind”. The album is very diverse with blues lick based “Rolling Bones”, gospel inspired “The River Revival”, and the piano and vocal driven “Black Mariah”. The great thing about Christopher Shayne’s album Turning Stones is there’s something for everyone. Shayne didn’t try to make an album catering to the masses; he just made the music he loves and it shows.



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