The Dead Daisies release their third studio album

‘Make Some Noise’ on August 5th via SPV Records


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The Dead Daises release their third studio album ‘Make Some Noise’. The band once again prove that it’s possible to make straight up great rock n’ roll. The grooves and rhythms on the new tracks are reminiscent to music made in the 70’s with a modern flair that keeps the band and music moving forward.

Band members have transitioned in The Dead Daisies since its debut album in 2013.  Touring members of Guns n Roses, Rob Zombie, The Rolling Stones, and other national acts have been part of the brotherhood called The Dead Daisies and have helped keep a long missed genre alive in kicking.

The release of ‘Make Some Noise’ has founding member and guitarist David Lowy surrounded with vocalist John Corabi (Motely Crue/Union/The Scream), bassist Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake/Thin Lizzy), guitarist Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake/Dio/Glenn Hughes), and drummer Brian Tichy (Whitesnake/Pride & Glory/Billy Idol).

John Corabi joined the group during the release of The Dead Daisies second album 2015’s Revolución taking over the helm from Jon Stevens. Guitarist Doug Aldrich also joined the ranks for the latest release taking over for Guns n Roses guitarist Richard Fortus.

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‘Make Some Noise’ is a twelve track album that was recorded and produced by Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe, Buckcherry) that has John Corabi at his best. The music is filled with solid rhythms, some funk, and plenty of catchy hooks. The album starts strong with ‘Long Way To Go’ and only builds from there. Tracks like ‘All The Same’, ‘We All Fall Down’, and ‘Last Time I Saw The Sun’ would’ve fit perfect on Aerosmith’s ‘Get Your Wings’ album. Yes the songs are that good.

There are a couple cover tracks on this album. You have Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Fortunate Son’ and The Who’s ‘Join Together’. They didn’t do these tracks as fillers, they put them on to show that rock from the past can be just as relevant in the modern day music scene.

The opening guitar lick of ‘Song and A Prayer’ is one that will stick in your head just as much as the songs chorus. ‘Mine All Mine’ has that rockin’ funk that very few bands have perfected other than Extreme and now The Dead Daisies. There is even a punk-ish in your face basic riff track entitled “Mainline” which still has a catch lyrical hook.

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Tichy, Lowy, Corabi, Aldrich, and Mendoza remember to have fun in being part of a band and it shows in the music. Simply put they made an album that has substance and grit.

‘Make Some Noise’ is an album you can sink your teeth into. It’s easily one of the best melodic rock n roll albums to come out in 2016.



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