Sixx:A.M. Release 5th Studio Album ‘Prayers for the Blessed – Vol. II’


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Sixx:A.M. are releasing their second album of 2016 on November 18th entitled ‘Prayers for the Blessed – Vol. II’. This is the band’s fifth studio album. Although the songs were written at the same time as the tracks on ‘Prayers for the Damned-Vol. I’, the songs and the album have a very different feel from its predecessor.

Many of the songs have a very primal quality and a different tone on the instrumentation and on the mix. With that said, what you get with ‘Prayers for the Blessed – Vol. II’ is still very much a Sixx:A.M. sounding album. You get thought provoking lyrics, commercial hard rock, melodies, and of course “sing along hooks”.

What I really appreciate is the journey the album takes you on from start to finish.  The guitar work by DJ Ashba on these tracks have an edge that is harder than the tracks on Vol. I.  We also get a guitar solo track entitled ‘Catacombs’. I think it’s great that DJ gives us the opportunity to experience him just shredding.

‘Prayers for the Blessed – Vol. II’ also proves that Nikki Sixx (bassist) partnering with DJ Ashba and James Michael (vocalist/producer) has continued to be a winning combination creatively.


Sixx:A.M. – We Will Not Go Quietly




This album is filled with incredible songs. A couple of my personal favorite tracks are ‘Wolf At Your Door’ & Suffocate. ‘Wolf At Your Door’ has a raw, primal beat that makes you start to mildly headband without even realizing it. It then builds into an anthem style chorus.  I love the lyrical content of its chorus below.


“It’s never too late to fall on your sword,

you can’t run away because the wolf is at your door.

But don’t be alarmed you’re not alone anymore,

I’ll be right by your side when the wolf is at your door”



‘Suffocate’ is another one of my favorite tracks. It starts and ends so differently musically. You start out with a clean acoustic guitar with James Michael singing over it. No other frills. Then it hesitates and comes at you full force with all guns blazing. Heavy guitars, bass, & drums continuing thoughout with a melodic chorus line overlay.


We also have more laid back songs like ‘Maybe It’s Time’ and ‘Helicopters’ that rest more in the pocket of a ballad with and edge then the other tracks. There is a theme that runs through the lyrical content of this album that is more of a look at one’s own mortality with lyrics like…

“You might live with the danger but you’re dancing with the dead,

You avoid medication so you’re hanging by a thread.

In the valley of darkness there is no promise land,

I’ve seen my assassin, I’ve even held her hand’.


The song ‘Riot in My Head’ is musically orchestrated with tones of Meatloaf’s ‘Bat Out of Hell’ album with Ashba’s guitar solo tone & style giving a nod to Queen’s Brian May. As much as I dislike doing a comparison to another band or performer, the song speaks for itself. (Plus Nikki has written a song for Meatloaf so there is a connection.)


One of the things Sixx:A.M. does on this album that they haven’t done since the release of their 2014 album ‘Modern Vintage’ is a cover song. This time around they do ‘Without You’. A song written by Badfinger and popularized by the rendition done by Harry Nilsson done in 1971. Sixx:A.M. do not veer far off from the original version but they definitely make it their own and make the song relevant to a newer audience.


Sixx:A.M. – Without You


I can tell you that even if you’re not a Sixx:A.M. fan yet, this album can definitely make you one. Sixx:A.M. write and play hard rocking, melodic rock songs and for that I am thankful. They know that you can still make the music heavy and keep a melody.

I am not here to sell this album to you, the album content will do that on its own. Just know that ‘Prayers for the Blessed – Vol. II’ is straight out “great rock n roll”.


Sixx:A.M. – Barbarians (Prayers for the Blessed)






Prayers for the Blessed – Vol. II Track Listing

  1. Barbarians (Prayers For The Blessed)
  2. We Will Not Go Quietly
  3. Wolf At Your Door
  4. Maybe It’s Time
  5. The Devil’s Coming
  6. Catacombs – DJ Ashba Guitar Solo
  7. This Is Gonna Leave a Scar
  8. Without You
  9. Suffocate
  10. Riot In My Head
  11. Helicopters



Look for the upcoming live review of Sixx:A.M. in the next issue of Mayhem Music Magazine!!





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