Florida/Georgia – based rockers Voodoo Moonshine – a “bluesy groove rock band” – are back with a new single and video from their latest album, ‘Bottom of the Barrel.’ The song, “Give It to Me,” came about when Jeff Losawyer (the founding member, songwriter and lead guitarist of Voodoo Moonshine) was traveling from Oklahoma to Memphis, TN to write and record for the album that became ‘Bottom of the Barrel.’ Losawyer was sitting in his hotel room with his dog Daisy eating Taco Bell, and the thought of one-night stands came to mind and became the song’s lyrical inspiration.
“We were in search of a location to shoot the video,” recalls Losawyer about the song’s video clip. “We were having a hard time finding the perfect spot. We were looking for an old abandoned building or warehouse. We were about a week out when The Barn in Sanford was referred to us. Our first thought was ‘A country bar to shoot a rock video?!’ We checked out the photo’s online, and we thought it would be a pretty neat place to do a shoot. When we got to Florida, the day before the shoot we went to check out the location and that’s when everything started to fall into place. Who would have thought you could actually line dance to our rock song, ‘Give It to Me’?”

Voodoo Moonshine was formed in Memphis, TN in 2003 by Losawyer. The debut album, ‘Decade of Decay,’ was released in March 2005, and was well received throughout Europe. A tour was booked, including shows in England, Ireland, and Scotland. Due to the album’s success they were voted “Number One Band” seven times in England, and six times in Japan. In mid 2005, Voodoo Moonshine was introduced in Dublin, Ireland and quickly became one of the top three requested bands there.
Their debut received rave reviews in many music publications including R.I.P. Magazine. 2006 saw the band’s popularity continue to rise, and rock radio around the world stood up and took notice. Voodoo Moonshine could be heard in Portugal, Greece, Canada and of course, at home in America. Many times during the year, the band’s songs charted ahead of some of rock’s so-called heavy hitters, like Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Guns N Roses and the Scorpions. The album ‘Decade of Decay’ continued to do extremely well deep into 2007, more than two full years after its release. As the year wound down, the band took some much needed, and well deserved, time off. This eventually led to Losawyer working on a solo album. Jeff continued to write music during this time, and never gave up his passion to play.
Fast forward, and suddenly 12 years had passed. Interestingly enough, he heard Pedro Espada singing in a YouTube video and really liked what he heard. He took a chance and reached out to Pedro to see if he would be interested in singing some of his songs. Initially he didn’t receive a very warm response. As a matter of fact, he was mostly ignored, but he knew he had found the right man for the job, so he was persistent. His persistence paid off and Jeff was invited to Daytona Beach Bike Week 2018 to jam with Pedro and his bandmates of Rockit Fly. Needless to say, things went well with Pedro, former Nova Rex member Eddie Cruise and Hector Acevedo, merging together to bring back Voodoo Moonshine.
And it turns out Voodoo Moonshine already have plans to support their new single/video. “Future plans…shows, shows and shows. Fans can expect a set of big energy versatile songs that everyone should like. Working on songs for the next album already and continued growth of the band and fan base.”
Voodoo Moonshine:
Pedro Espada – vocals
Jeff Losawyer – guitar
Hector Acevedo – bass
Eddie Cruise – drums
Mayhem Music Magazine