The Band That Helped Shape The 80’s Bay Area Music Scene

When mentioning the San Francisco music scene of the 1980’s, most automatically bring up thrash metal bands like Metallica, Testament, Death Angel, just to name a few.  But if you ask what band helped tie the all the music scene together back then I would say Jetboy. They bridged the gap that no matter what your musical taste were, you found a home in any club they were playing. Their crowds consisted of girls, metal heads, glam rockers, and no one hassled anyone.  This was huge when so many shows became divided with a specific genre and crossover fan bases were not happening.

Jetboy was a band that started in 1983 that played all over the bay area and south bay to earn their following. They were a mix of glam, punk, blues riffs, and rock. This was at the same time the thrash metal revolution was beginning.  Jetboy were able to fill the clubs because they played great music that appealed to everyone.

Although they got signed and moved to Los Angeles in 86’, they would always be a San Francisco band. I’ve been and will remain a Jetboy fan from my days hanging out with the band back partying on Broadway, to the present day when the band gets together to play selective shows.

They still mix that in your face energy with catchy hooks and well written songs. The group was originally guitarist Fernie Rod, guitarist Billy Rowe, singer Mickey Finn, bassist Todd Crew, and drummer Ron Tostenson. Because of Todd‘s drug addiction, the band had to let him go in 1987 and was replaced by former Hanoi Rocks bassist Sami Yaffa. Unfortunately, Todd Crew overdosed that same year. This all was prior to the release of the bands debut album.

During the bands career, they have had national and international success and ran in the same circles as bands like Poison & Guns n’ Roses during the days in the LA rock scene.

Although the band helped bring glam to the forefront in the bay area and later also to the Sunset Strip. They should also be known for their music.  They have great songs like “Feel The Shake”, “Evil”, “Make Some Noise”, “Bad Disease”, “Dogs Gotta Roam”, just to name a few.

It is important to know that Jetboy were an integral part of what made the music, the debauchery, and music scene nightlife something to remember.

Jetboy will be part of Riki Rachman’s “Cathouse Live” at Irvine Meadows August 15th. This is a festival with 20 plus hard rockin’ bands from the 80’s.


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