Breathing Life Into a 70’s Iconic Sound For A New Generation


What do you get when you take an iconic rock sound from the 70’s and mix it with a modern take to add the attitude and color of today to make it relevant and appealing to a whole new audience? You get Greta Van Fleet! Whatever your first thoughts of the band, you have to give them credit for making the music they play their own and basically pulling off what no other band has been able to do successfully since before they were born.


Greta Van Fleet are building a strong following by being sincere about the music they play. It’s in their dna. The band is comprised of the three brothers; Josh Kiszka on vocals, Jake Kiszka on guitar, Sam Kiszka of bass/keys, and drummer Danny Wagner. With last year’s double release of their EP ‘Black Smoke Rising’ and a secondary EP ‘From The Fires’ they were immediately thrown into the spotlight . The fact that the band’s age ranges from 19 to 22 and they actually formed in 2012 and have been honing their skills since they were teens, their success is far from immediate.

As Greta Van Fleet prepare to release their full length debut album ‘Anthem of the Peaceful Army’ they continue their US tour and make a few stops in the San Francisco bay area. I enjoy the music they make and wanted to see them live and would be attending their show at The Masonic in San Francisco. Getting to The Masonic and seeing fans of all ages waiting in a long line early in the day was very impressive. I say this because as I watch such a diverse group of people having open conversations about the band’s music and why they are fans.


As the show begins, the band hit the stage with bright spotlights lighting from the back and their silhouettes are projected to the crowd as the amplifiers hum. The band breaks into “Brave New World” as a receptive audience gives a loud cheer. As the band become visible, they are dressed in a retro 70’s look from feather jewelry to beads, to Josh’s shimmering silver pants. The great part is that Greta Van Fleet has a tendency to make something from days gone by like music and appearance very modern again.


The band plays through “Highway Tune”, “Edge of Darkness”, & “Flower Power”. During this time we a given guitar solos, showcased vocal abilities, and damn good music. Greta Van Fleet continue the set by playing an unreleased track “You’re The One” from ‘Anthem of the Peaceful Army’. You have to give credit where credit is due and Greta Van Fleet are exactly where they belong, on a stage performing. The show continues as the do a rendition of Howlin’ Wolf’s “Evil” and very much make it their own. We are graced with more new music as Josh introduces “Watching Over” & “When the Curtain Falls”. Greta Van Fleet closes the evening with “Black Smoke Rising” and “Safari Song”.

After seeing Greta Van Fleet live, I can say I was won over by the band and am a fan. How can you not favor a band that make no apologies for who they are and no matter who they are compared to… no fucks are given. Isn’t that what rock is all about?


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