Vocalist Steve Perry, who took the band Journey and made them a household name with hits like “Lights”, “Faithfully”, & “Don’t Stop Believin” comes out of seclusion after twenty four years to release his upcoming album “Traces”. Perry has released the cover art and the track listings with the album having a release date of October 5th on Fantasy Records.

In the meantime, Steve Perry has released the first music video showing that he still the real deal.


Here is the cover art and the track listing. As a truly long time fan of Perry. I hope he decides to take him and his incredible voice back on the road.





1. No Erasin’

2. We’re Still Here

3. Most Of All

4. No More Cryin’

5. In The Rain

6. Sun Shines Gray

7. You Belong To Me

8. Easy To Love

9. I Need You

10. We Fly




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