Kat Country 103’s “Listener Appreciation Concert 2016” in Turlock, Ca


Granger Smith seemed as if the fans were hoping his alter ego video character Earl Dibbles Jr., in his overalls, would be who stepped out on stage. But instead Granger Smith appeared in jeans, white t shirt and a trucker cap ready to entertain. Granger played songs from his eighth studio album Remington (which was released March 4th) including the hits “Backroad Song” and “If the Boot Fits”. The crowd was still yelling out the Earl Dibbles Jr. call “Yee Yee”! Over half way through the set while the band continued to play, Granger Smith made his exit and who returned was the one and only Earl Dibbles Jr. himself. This made the fans go wild as he paraded across the stage. At that point, songs like “Country Boy Song”, “Country Boy Stuck”, and “Merica” could be heard. It was very entertaining and I see why the fans enjoy the transition.



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