With the tone of Five Finger Death Punch, you’d think the band would be very serious, angry, and a derailing runaway train of musical assault. Well I agree that the band takes their songwriting and lyrical messages very serious and their energy level is a full assault on their fans, there was no anger but unity because 5FDP created a fun night at the Shoreline Amphitheatre.

When the lights drop and the opening soundtrack plays ‘I Love You’ by Barney, you know this is not going to automatically be the night expected. From that point the curtain drops and the band light up the stage and open with ‘Lift Me Up’. I will say vocalist Ivan Moody had much more energy than last time I saw the band. He was reaching out and shaking hands and even hugging fans as well as letting the crowd know that “we are going to have some fucking fun tonight”. 5FDP continued through songs like ‘Trouble’, ‘Wash it All Away’, and ‘Jeckyll & Hyde’.

Guitarist Jason Hook and Zoltan Bathory were in rare form. The guitar work was album perfect and Jason Hook’s solos cut through the air like a chainsaw. This was able to happen because bassist Chris Kael and drummer Jeremy Spencer are one of the best rhythm sections in hard rock.

Although the band calls Las Vegas their home, when a fan by me called out “Las Vegas” Moody stated that “we’re in the one and only Nor Cal” and goes on to say he has a lot of love for here because he was born in Marysville (just north of Sacramento).

Moody commanded the stage and the band continued through with ‘Wash It All Away’. When they did the Bad Company cover by the same name, Moody dedicated it to all those who serve and have served in the military as well as those in informers such as the police and firemen. They followed that up with ‘Fake’.

The stage backdrop was a giant skull with crisscrossed baseball bats, lasers, and a killer light show. You’d think the temperament of the evening would be mosh pits on the lawn and people tossing things on stage and verbal assault from the stage but it was the exact opposite. It was a crowd of fans enjoying the music, cheering, and having fun.

For the next two songs Five Finger Death Punch changed the atmosphere. The band left the stage except for Moody and Jason Hook who went acoustic to play ‘Wrong Side of Heaven’. Ivan talked about having a Hell of a year and screwing up but he owned it and thanked his band members and went into ‘Remember Eveything’.


‘Coming Down’ was played and then the energy level was raised as Bad Wolves vocalist Tommy Vext hit the stage to join the band on ‘Burn MF’. Moody grabs his signature 5FDP baseball bat as he belts out ‘Under and Over It’. As the night winds down the band go into ‘The Bleeding’.

As the show comes to a close, all the members of Five Finger Death Punch come to the front of the stage as a recorded track ‘House of The Rising Sun’ plays. Moody sings along and thanks the fans as the rest of the band throws out drum sticks, & guitar and bass picks. It was a night of high energy, great music, and fun for all.


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