Shallow Side release new EP titled ONE  via Thermal Entertainment


If you enjoy foot stomping rock n roll, then Shallow Side is for you. On the band’s new ep entitled “One” released earlier this month by Thermal Entertainment, you get well written songs with catchy hooks, strong guitar riffs, sing along anthems, and vocals that are filled with actual singing not screaming.

Shallow Side’s release is an explosion of music that has all the makings of a great album/ep from start to finish. With that being said, let’s do a track by track breakdown.

The album opens with ‘We Roll’. This track has vocalist Eric Boatright hitting us with a soul/r & b vibe as he rides on top of a softer, commercial edged musical rhythm that has a sing along anthem of the title built in. The track is very catchy and built for radio.

Next is the track entitled ‘Rebel’. This track has a dirty, Louisiana swamp, gritty guitar riff that sticks in your mind like mud (and that’s a damn good thing). Guitarist Seth Trimble lays down the rock n roll like it should be played, fresh sounding and unforgiving. Kudos have to be given to bassist Cody Hampton & drummer Heath Fields as well because not great sounding band is done by one member alone. As Boatright says in the chorus “I don’t give a fuck if you call me a rebel”.

Next we have a track that is a rendition of 1978 Styx classic ‘Renegade’. Shallow Side do add a slightly harder edge to the song and cover it well but it is difficult to top the original. I do see this being a crowd pleaser live. My issue is that with only six tracks on this release, I would’ve preferred another original from the band.

Up next is ‘Fight or Flight’ which I think showcases Shallow Side best. It’s a rocker that has a groove that proves new rock n roll can still be made. Eric Boatright covers many aspects of his vocal ability on this song and I think that is what impresses me most. We still get an anthem style chorus with chunky guitar riffs just like I enjoy.

We finish off with ‘Start a Fire’ which is a groove based track that gets you rocking before you even realize it. You find yourself moving to the strong, primal drum beats by Fields with a fretboard slide bass rhythm riding under the guitar and keyboard work by Trimble. The song is not carried in aggression but almost a dance sway of cool. It comes across as a feel good track plain and simple.

Shallow Side’s ‘One” proves to be a rock n roll at its core with an edge that can crossover to commercial radio and still keep the rock. These guys from Alabama should be very proud of this release.









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