ACEPHALIX To Host Gimme Metal Guest DJ Show This Friday, October 14th

Acclaimed Theothanatology LP From San Francisco Death Metal Crew Out Now On 20 Buck Spin


San Francisco death/crust metal quintet ACEPHALIX will be hosting a Gimme Metal Guest DJ session this Friday, October 14th at 12pm PT/3pm ET. Tune in to hear the band spin some of their personal picks from across the spectrum of metal at, and watch a brief teaser for the show created by the band HERE.
ACEPHALIX released their monstrous fourth LP, Theothanatology, through 20 Buck Spin at the end of September, the album offering upon the glistening altar of flesh a devastatingly tormented study on Theothanatology, the idea or belief that God is dead. Within this cerebrum shattering inquiry lies, as always, a primal spewing forth of vicious death metal malignity and bomb-raid hardcore dispersions. Across a decade-and-a-half lifespan, the evolution of ACEPHALIX into the bludgeoning instrument of discord and dead faith displayed on Theothanatology has never felt so urgent. The crumbling siege-like mentality of modern life leaves no doubt God has left the building and ACEPHALIX adeptly soundtracks the contradictions, atrocity, and inner turmoil of such massive loss and decay.
Theothanatology sees ACEPHALIX returning to a quintet for the first time since their debut LP Aporia, the current lineup enlisting vocalist Daniel Butler (Vastum), drummer David Benson (Lawless, Said Sara), bassist Erika Osterhout (Chthonic Deity, Scolex), and guitarists Adam Camara (Ensepulcher, Battleshök) and Adam Walker (Kata Sarka, ex-Fog, ex-Graves Of The Endless Fall). ACEPHALIX is razor-focused on its greatest strengths, commanding the unambiguous sonic pulverizing of a bulldozer over the decimated skull pile of a once thriving civilization on Theothanatology, simultaneously more musically complex and savagely barbaric, heralding a collapse already in motion.
Created with Grammy Award-winning producer Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer (Fetid, Vastum, Ulthar, Undergang), Theothanatology‘s cover features the painting Girolamus Trasfiguratio by Ettore Aldo Del Vigo, completed with photos by Adam Houmam and layout by Dan Fried. ACEPHALIX is mandatory listening for fans of Vastum, Necrot, Entombed, Discharge, Undergang, Grave, Ossuarium, Slayer, Depravity, and Adramalech.
ACEPHALIX’ Theothanatology is streaming its entirety on YouTube HERE and Bandcamp HERE.
Theothanatology is available on LP, CD, cassette, and digital platforms at the 20 Buck Spin webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE.
Watch for new live announcements and more from the band to post over the weeks ahead.
“San Francisco has long been a hotbed of incredible talent and passion in the greater extreme metal scene. Deranged death-crust purveyors ACEPHALIX are no exception, and since arriving on the scene in the late-’00s they’ve just proven the rule with record after powerful record.” – Decibel Magazine
“The marriage of styles come naturally to them. There’s no clear delineation, the styles are spliced together into an inseparable hybrid… This is the soundtrack to the violent de-evolution of humanity. – No Clean Singing
“…the kind of barbaric brutality we’ve come to think of from the now quintet, yet better, more furious, and nastier than ever.” – Nine Circles
Mayhem Music Magazine