Motörhead Unveil An Adrenaline Filled Album with Many Surprises with Their 22nd Album ‘Bad Magic’

Bad Magic was released on August 28th via UDR


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Motörhead are a band that has always done things their own way without making any apologies. That can still be said with the release of their twenty second album ‘Bad Magic’. What you get is a bombardment of adrenaline throughout this album. With Lemmy’s thundering bass and raspy vocals, there is no doubt that Motörhead have not gone soft over the years.

From the opening track of “Victory or Die” you get the message of the whole album and that is the band know what they are great at and that is exactly what they deliver. On ‘Bad Magic’ guitarist Phil Campbell gives you guitar riffs that are reminiscent of the Fast Eddie Clark days. This can be heard on songs like “Thunder & Lightning”. Phil has woven his style into the band’s sound without forgetting what made the band famous in the first place.

“Fire Storm Hotel” has almost a commercial rock sound. With that said, it is still very much a Motörhead  song.  I see this as a modern day rocker that gets concert goers putting down their cell phones and just pumping your fists in the air. “Shoot Out All of Your Lights” shows you drummer Mikkey Dee’s double bass skills from his intro until the songs very last note.  He brings that heart pounding timing that has driven the band since the band’s beginning.

Motörhead was one of the bands that invaded the US during the 1980’s New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Some of those bands have stayed successful reliving their glory days of yesteryear, Motörhead is not one of them. They have always pushed themselves to make music and to stay relevant to the music fans of today. Motörhead have hits everyone wants to hear live like “Ace of Spades”, “(We Are) The Road Crew”, “Iron Fist”; but songs off ‘Bad Magic’ like “Electricty”, “Tell Me Who to Kill”, & “Chocking On Your Screams” are songs that are the anthems of today.

“Till The End” is a bluesy rock track that has the guitar stylings of the late great Gary Moore. This song alone is worth the price of the album. You get a different side to Motörhead that shows the bands diversity as well as their musicianship. The last song on this album is a treat for all rock n rollers with Motörhead’s rendition of the Rolling Stones “Sympathy Forthe Devil”. Lemmy and the boys add such balls to this track that it is an instant classic.

I remember the first time I saw Motörhead in 1981 opening for Ozzy Osbourne. I thought the band was loud, fierce, and pure energy. I can say the same thing about their new album ‘Bad Magic’. This album does not disappoint. Whether you are a fan of heavy metal or rock n roll, Motörhead has created another stellar album and is truly appealing to any music lover.


Motörhead ‘Bad Magic’ Track Listing

  1. Victory or Die
  2. Thunder & Lightning
  3. Fire Storm Hotel
  4. Shoot Out All of Your Lights
  5. The Devil
  6. Electricity
  7. Evil Eye
  8. Teach Them How to Bleed
  9. Till the End
  10. Tell Me Who to Kill
  11. Choking on Your Screams
  12. When the Sky Comes Looking for You
  13. Sympathy for the Devil
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