Zakk Sabbath is the tribute band by guitarist Zakk Wylde that covers the iconic songs of heavy metal pioneers Black Sabbath. Zakk Sabbath kicked of their ‘Tour Forever/Forever Tour’ at Sacramento’s Ace of Spades club on December 5th for its two month run. Wylde is just coming off the stadium tour playing with Pantera as support for Metallica so I expected it to be a special night seeing him perform is a small club this size.

The band plays as a trio comprising of Zakk Wylde, bassist Blasko, and drummer Joey Castillo. This time around Blasko could not do the tour so Wylde brought in his Black Label Society bandmate John DeServio to fill in on bass.


The Venue Ace of Spades normally has an upstairs that can hold a couple hundred people but unfortunately was closed off. The show was still at max capacity so it was overflowing with fans shoulder to shoulder with poor ventilation making it somewhat uncomfortable. This was a small price to pay to see Zakk in action.

Zakk’s guitar work was nothing short of mesmerizing, capturing the essence of Tony Iommi’s original riffs while adding his own signature flair and tone. The unmistakable doom-laden sound cut through the venue like a knife catching everyone in its wake. The trio created a sonic embrace that transported everyone back to the golden era of Black Sabbath.


What stood out most was the meticulous attention to detail in recreating Black Sabbath’s live experience. With Zakk Wylde and BLS bandmate DeServio working playing together in ZS, you could feel the tight-knit camaraderie of these two as Castillo kept them on track. The band’s commitment to capturing the authenticity of the music, it was perfected by Wylde’s haunting vocals.

The setlist was a carefully curated selection of Black Sabbath’s greatest hits, kicking off with ‘Supernaut’ and closing out with ‘War Pigs’. Each song in between was delivered with such precision and passion that it felt like a genuine tribute to the godfathers of heavy metal. The audience responded with enthusiasm, singing along to every lyric as if they were watching Black Sabbath themselves.


Zakk Sabbath’s performance at Ace of Spades was more than just a tribute; it was a celebration of the enduring legacy of Black Sabbath. The band not only honored the iconic sound of the original but also captured the spirit that made Black Sabbath pioneers of a genre. For fans of classic metal and Black Sabbath enthusiasts, Zakk Sabbath’s live show was an unforgettable experience.

Stage Setlist





Lord of This World

Under the Sun

Tomorrow’s Dream

Wicked World

Fairies Wear Boots

Into the Void

Children of the Grave

A National Acrobat

Hand of Doom

Behind the Wall of Sleep


War Pigs



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