Country artist Morgan Lynsey recently released her debut single “Gypsy Hearts” in February. With another single “Magic” coming out later this year, Lynsey is currently writing for her full-length album. Virginia born Morgan Lynsey describes her style as uplifting, fun and soulful. Now based out of Nashville, she is winning hearts with her catchy lyrics and pure toned vocals. Her style has a fun hippie vibe, telling stories of love, life, and adventures on the road in her new single “Gypsy Hearts”.


Morgan Lynsey grew up steeped in music. Ultimately, she moved to Nashville where she’s establishing herself as one of the next big country artists. Morgan’s passion for her craft runs deep. It’s a calling as much as it’s a profession and she knows how hard she must work for it.

Morgan released her new single “Gypsy Hearts” in February through LORE Entertainment. The single will be part of her first full studio album to be released in late 2017. “Gypsy Hearts,  I recorded in California. It’s a fun, free-spirited story of adventures on the road that glorifies simple living and exploring the beauty of our great Earth”, Morgan explains.

Morgan stated that this track is a reflection of the life she’s lived over the last few years as she’s been following her dreams. All the trials, tribulations, hopes and successes are somewhat documented in each of her songs and she can’t wait to show a little more of her story.

Morgan is set to release a second new single ‘Magic’ with a concept quite different from the first single. The inspiration for this track came from a late night discussion on how love can be viewed from many different perspectives – the perspectives of the lovers, the people on the outside looking in on the lovers, and the creator of the lovers and love itself. “We wanted to use all of these perspectives for Magic. It’s love in every form: The highest state of consciousness”.

“With Lore Entertainment management, we recorded at Prime Recording in Nashville with a band featuring some of the guys that tour with Lee Brice. My producer, Ben Watts, had a really clear vision for this song and it came to life better than we could possibly have imagined.” Lynsey stated.

When it comes to writing music, Morgan states “I am a little different than most as I don’t write on an instrument. I like to focus on the story and the message… and then I sit down with my producer and we work on arrangements.”

Signed to Lore Entertainment, Lynsey is in control of her career, thinking long and hard about the impact any decisions she makes today may have on her future. Lynsey explains, “In the time we’ve worked together, it has become clear that Lore Entertainment shares our vision of the future, and that they have the talent to make it a reality. So, whatever 2017 has in store, there is one undeniable fact about Morgan Lynsey: she sees the world as something she can take by storm.


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