Kat Country 103’s “Listener Appreciation Concert 2016” in Turlock, Ca



Here are photos of Olivia Lane and part of the review from Kat Country 103’s “Listener Appreciation Concert” in Turlock, Ca.

The fairgrounds were packed when Texas born Olivia Lane took the stage. Olivia is a person who feels very much at home on stage in front of an audience. Olivia shares her energetic personality with the crowd as she celebrates life onstage with her singing, dancing, and with her infectious smile. Her songs carry an uplifting tempo that has the heart of country, with its content of telling your personal story and its instrumentation, but still expands across to other genres with its spirit. Olivia had the crowd singing her hits “Make My Own Sunshine” and “Love Thing” right along with her. As she finished her set and exited the stage, you could still see the joy in her face as she enjoyed every second on stage.


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