Texas Band Hindsight Rocks Houston with New Video Release for their Song “Back Around” to Support their December Stint on Regular Radio Rotation


Houston based rock band Hindsight is making a huge splash in Texas with the release of a new music video for their song “Back Around” that is receiving major radio airplay on the iHeart radio station “94.5 The Buzz” this December. The song is featured on their latest 3-track EP titled Just Blow On It as a follow-up to their 2021 release _Catalyst.


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Regarding the inspiration for “Back Around” as well as the rest of the EP, Hindsight states, “For this record, we really wanted to get back to some of the original sounds and styles that got us all into playing music in the first place. We are all huge fans of modern rock, metal, and electronic music and that is obvious on our previous release Catalyst. However, we all grew up heavily influenced by the alternative, grunge, and punk movements of the mid-late 90s and early 00s as well. This song and record was very organic for us and we had a blast recording it. Nothing is forced and more than anything, we just wanted to make something fun that we could all really jam too. Lyrically, the song “Back Around” discusses coming to terms with the fact that despite music being an exhausting pursuit, it always seems to keep drawing us back and continues to add value to our lives.”

The track has recently received heavy fan voting to make it one of ten independent artists to be featured on Houston iHeart radio station “94.5 The Buzz.” As a result, the band decided to shoot the video for “Back Around” and schedule a series of performances in the Houston area in December, January, and February along with additional select dates in the gulf coast region. Their next concert date will be held at Acadia in Houston, Texas with fellow Texas rockers Downfall 2012.

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