The Toyota Pavilion was transformed into a haven for metalheads and fans of the macabre as the “Freaks on Parade” Tour rolled into town for one of its final tour stops. The evening featured a lineup of heavyweights in the rock and metal world, including Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Ministry, and Filter. I was definitely expecting an unforgettable night of shock, spectacle, and face-melting music.


Filter kicked off the evening and set the tone for the night. Richard Patrick’s signature growl and the band’s energy had the crowd on their feet. With Classics like “Hey Man Nice Shot” and “Take a Picture” as well as tracks from their latest album reminded the crowd why Filter has been a driving force in the industrial rock scene for decades. Filter still maintains their raw energy and stage presence and put on one Hell of a performance.


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Ministry hit the stage like a force of nature and unleashed an onslaught of industrial metal mayhem. Al Jourgensen’s aggressive style vocals and politically charged lyrics along with the band’s violent guitar riffs created a maelstrom of sound that shook the very foundation of the Toyota Pavilion. Tracks like “N.W.O.”  and “Just One Fix” felt like musical sledgehammers to the senses.


I was hoping to hear Ministry’s version of the Iggy Pop classic “Search and Destroy” but unfortunately it wasn’t to happen this time around. The fans were blessed with the Black Sabbath cover of “Supernaut” and it was incredible. Ministry’s nine song set broke the boundaries of sonic intensity and left the crowd both exhilarated and thoroughly ravaged.



As the evening progressed, the anticipation in the air grew thicker, reaching its peak when the first of the co headliners Alice Cooper made his grand entrance. Alice emerged from a large three story high newspaper that reads ‘Banned in California! Alice Cooper’. He was wearing his iconic top hat and brought his signature theatrics and rock ‘n’ roll extravaganza to the stage. The audience was transported into a world of macabre storytelling with visuals throughout the night featuring guillotines, snakes, and even a giant Frankenstein’s monster.



The master showman did not disappoint as he and his band gave the fans a night of great music that covered his fifty plus year career. We knew that Alice would play the classics “I’m Eighteen” and “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, yet it was great to also hear songs like “Snakebite”, “I love The Dead”, and “Hey Stoopid”.

What show wouldn’t be complete without the finale of “School’s Out”?!? Rounding out a set with hit song after hit song shows that this 74-year-old rock icon can still command the stage with the same charisma and showmanship that made him a legend.



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The pinnacle of the evening arrived when it was finally time for the man of the hour Rob Zombie to take the stage. This would be my first time seeing the band since the departure of guitarist John 5 and the return of original Rob Zombie guitarist Mike Riggs (a.k.a. Riggs). From the moment he stepped onto the stage, Zombie commanded the crowd with his larger-than-life stage presence and infectious energy. As usual Zombie’s stage was a sensory overload of lights, pyrotechnics, and horror-inspired visuals.




Rob Zombie’s gravelly voice resonated through the venue. His setlist was a perfect blend of his solo hits and White Zombie classics, creating a nostalgic yet fresh experience for fans. Tracks like “Thunder Kiss ‘65” and “Living Dead Girl” displayed the infectious grooves that had the crowd singing along.

Zombie band members Riggs, bassist Piggy D, and drummer Ginger Fish were all on their game and showed why they were ready to continue burning the Toyota Pavilion stage down. Zombie closed out the evening with his biggest hit “Dragula” as the track held everyone in rapture until the final note.



The Freaks on Parade Tour was a masterclass in live entertainment, showcasing the power of rock and metal music that not only met but exceeded all expectations. From Filter’s raw intensity to Ministry’s industrial chaos, Alice Cooper’s timeless theatrics, and Rob Zombie’s explosive showmanship, this concert was a true celebration of rock’s dark and thrilling side.



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For anyone lucky enough to attend, the Toyota Pavilion served as the perfect backdrop for these four artists proving that rock and industrial metal are not just about sound, but a visceral, unforgettable experience that lasts long after the final note fades away.


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