RAVENEYE – “Breaking Out” and into the U.S.


U.K. rockers RavenEye bring their raw, 70’s vibe rock to the U.S. as they tour in support of their five song Ep “Breaking Out”. This trio consists of vocalist/ guitarist Oli Brown, drummer Kev Hickman, and bassist Aaron Spiers. RavenEye were formed in 2014 and prove that when the chemistry is right between bandmates, something magical can happen. With a sound that is a cross between Led Zeppelin, MC5, and Soundgarden; they make for a deadly combination. Let’s start by talking about RavenEye’s debut ep “breaking Out”. The ep was released in April of this year and is available via iTunes.

What you get is a fierce five song ep that is a raw, bluesy rock with deep driven riffs and guitar solos. The songs are well con- structed and Oli’s vocals roll out like a hypnotic chant. Now let’s get to what this band is building their reputation on….their live show. Bassist Aaron Spiers stated “RavenEye is really trying to make our live show the greatest thing about the band. What we really want is to be the band that can melt faces with our live show. We want to create an energy that you cannot deny.” From the moment they walk onto the stage, RavenEye are there to do three things; play great music, give people the best energetic show possible, and win over new fans. The do all three very well. RavenEye have toured as the opener for Slash w/Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators both in the UK and the US. They have also shared the stage with Jeff Beck, Buddy Guy, Joe Satriani, and Johnny Winter. Pretty impressive for a band that formed only a year ago. With the resurgence in popularity of music getting stripped back to basics and letting the groove speak for itself, RavenEye is definitely a band to keep an eye on. A RavenEye that is.


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