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When you think of Slash, you normally think of the top hat, sunglasses, that curly long hair, a guy that plays one mean ass guitar, and the band that made him a legend Guns n Roses. Well Slash has been away from Guns n Roses for nineteen years and has put out some incredible music since. As much as most fans want to hear the music he did with Guns n Roses, to me the music he’s done in Slash’s Snakepit, Velvet Revolver, and his band ‘Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators during this “World on Fire” tour is what makes him worth seeing tonight. Slash has surrounded himself with some very talented artists. Vocalist Myles Kennedy pulls double duty singing for Slash and when not with the guitarist he is part of the band Alter Bridge with the former members of Creed. The other members of The Conspirators are bassist Todd Kerns, guitarist Frank Sidoris, and drummer Brent Fitz. Now let’s fill you in on the actual performance.

The band hit the stage with “You’re a Lie” off the Apocalyptic Love album. I personally was glad to hear him start the show with music from his solo project. It was great to see Slash come out wearing the famous top hat instead of a trucker’s cap or beanie that he’s graced the stage wearing recently. The band went straight into the second song “Night Train” by Guns n Roses. The venue was a packed house and a roar of fans cheered as the song started.

Throughout the show Slash’s guitar playing was on the money as his guitar solos were as close to the recordings as I’ve heard in some time. Myles Kennedy’s vocals were flawless and he proved why he is such an asset to Slash and the group. From his solo work, the band played Avalon, Halo, World on Fire, Anastasia, and a few others. I would have enjoyed hearing a few songs from the Velvet Revolver era but he did at least play “Slither”. He played several songs from his GnR days including “Welcome To The Jungle”, You Could Be Mine”, “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, and the encore song “Paradise City”. I am a fan of the music that helped create his career and they were executed brilliantly with both Slash’s guitar work and Myles Kennedy’s vocals. Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators is an incredible live band that are worth seeing because the catalog of music played covers the career of this amazing guitarist and I look forward to what they give us on the next album.

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