Charles Parker is releasing his debut 14 track album “Bring Back The Sun” today




Charles Parker is a triple threat, who not only can sing and play guitar but also writes on a level far above most of his peers.  His unique music is a place where rock, folk and pop cross paths on the way to a remarkably contemporary sound.  Through his work being a professional musician in cover bands and tribute bands, Parker is a seasoned performer who is known for his strong work ethic, passion for music and determination to persevere.  With his over 20 years of experience, the journey continues through the release of his debut album Bring Back The Sun.
The first Single “Bring Back The Sun” can be heard Here
Born and raised in Baltimore Maryland, Parker started life as a very shy kid.  “My Mom bought me my first guitar when I was about 10 yrs old.  She said she wanted me to be like Elvis.  It took several years to actually learn how to play it. I spent my early years listening to 70’s pop stars such as The Bay City Rollers, Patridge Family etc.  Then I saw Kiss Alive 2 in the department store and that changed it all.  No more Teen idol pop.  My influences went from BCR to Kiss then the Metal years came in. Iron maiden, Judas Priest and all the Hair Bands.  I learned to play everything I could. Thats why in my cover bands, we can pretty much play anything the audience asks for.  I’ve been able to make a living as a full time musicians for quite a long time which is unheard of around here.”
Parker’s debut album as a solo artist, Bring Back The Sun, features a sound that is big yet stripped down with infectious melodies and catchy hooks.  “When I sat down to write the album Bring Back the Sun, I don’t remember really trying to do it, it sort of just came out. I just remember sitting down with an acoustic and strumming some chords and humming a melody. I think the first 2 songs were “Love to Feel The Rain” & “Stop”.  After that, the songs just kept coming.  I woke up in the middle of the night with the Chorus of “Bring Back The Sun”.  I got up ,wrote it down and grabbed a guitar and finished the rest.  Good thing I didn’t go back to sleep that night.  
Bring Back The Sun” track listing:
01. Social Director
02. Yasmine
03. A Place That We Call Yesterday
04. Strollin
05. The Calypso Song
06. I Love To Feel The Rain
07. Bring Back The Sun
08. One Way To Go
09. Stop
10. Lose You
11. The Closer I Get
12. Your Life
13. The Closest Thing To Heaven
14. Say Goodbye
15. Bring Back The Sun (Dance Remix)
It is available on all digital outlets and hardcopies can be purchased Here
For more  information, check out Charles Parker’s websites:

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