Independent Artist/Rapper Tom MacDonald does a rare feat by taking the Number One position on Billboard’s Pop charts with his new song “Ghost”. Tom is known for pushing back at the music industry by being an artist who truly does everything independently. He writes, performs, and produces his own music and videos, as well as built a loyal following by putting out music that is relevant and honest.



Tom isn’t your typical rapper who’s speaking of bitches, money, and parties. He’s calling out the society, social media, politics, and proving you do not need to have the backing of a record label telling you what you can a cannot sing about.

On his latest track “Ghost”, he simply sings about his love for his long time girlfriend Nova Rockafeller. This shows that he will not let the restrains of a specific genre of music pigeon hole his creativity. “Ghost is a great track so take a listen for yourself.



Take the time to listen to more of Tom’s music including his latest two albums ‘Renegade’ & ‘The Revolution’. If independent media platforms like ourselves don’t support artist like Tom MacDonald, then why are we here? Get involved and check him out.


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