Five Finger Death Punch are on tour promoting their sixth studio album ‘Got Your Six’. This time around they came to perform at San Jose, California’s SAP Center.  Five Finger Death Punch have strongly built their fan base with their lives shows. Tonight would be no different.

Five Finger Death Punch hit the stage with ‘Lift Me Up’ and vocalist Ivan Moody comes out with his growling tone and commands the stage as a barrage of energy is given by the rest of the band backing Moody. SAP Center has the fans on the main floor all pushing to be as close as possible to the band. The stage is filled with a fantastic light show but it is still the music getting the attention.



Moody starts the next song by asking “Are you guys ready to have some fun?!”  and continues with “when I jump up, you jump up. Everybody Jump!!” and that is exactly what the crowd did as the band started playing ‘Never Enough’.


Five Finger Death Punch played ‘Wash It All Away’ and that is when the crowd went into a sing along that went throughout the SAP Center. This was a point in the show when the energy level definitely got turned up a notch.




The guitar work of Zotan Bathory and Jason Hook was incredibly tight tonight as they played off each other perfectly all evening. Drummer  Jeremy Spencer and bassist Chris Kael kept the thunderous rhythm section in full force as well. To that I say “Shit Yes Son”!


Five Finger Death Punch kept the momentum going as they did their rendition of the 1970’s song ‘Bad Company’. As flash pots and smoke bombs covered the stage, ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ was done next, followed by the hard core ‘Burn MF’.




The memorable point of Five Finger Death Punch’s show was when the stage was cleared except for Ivan Moody, Jason Hook, and an acoustic guitar. The two did an acoustic version of ‘Wrong Side of Heaven’ that was just mesmerizing.  Moody continues alone onstage doing an acapella version of ‘Remember Everything’. He had the crowd help with several chorus lines and it was flawless.

Don’t worry, the band came back in full force with ‘Coming Down’. They continued to bring the fire with ‘Under & Over it’.  After the song finishes, Moody made a joke about sticking his face into the stream of the CO2 canon stating “Never going to happen again…that was a bad idea”.




Five Finger Death Punch finished the show with a solid rendition of ‘The Bleeding’ from their 2007 debut album ‘The Way of The Fist’. This was a great way close the show bringing the music if full circle back to their roots. The band put on a great show for their fans and I know they gained several new ones in the process.




Since this show, Five Finger Death Punch state that Ivan Moody has “fallen ill” and will not perform during the last few shows of the tour. We at Mayhem Music Magazine wish Moody a successful recovery from any issue health or otherwise that he is dealing with. He is an integral part of the band and we hope to have him back on stage with the band where he belongs.


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