Global Pop Sensation aespa Release Debut Studio Album Armageddon


Global pop sensation aespa is set to captivate the world again with their highly anticipated debut full-length album Armageddon. The 10-track project is available now on various music sites including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and more. Listen to Armageddon HERE.

Armageddon marks the next chapter in the aespa universe, expanding beyond the real and digital worlds and into a multiverse. aespa encounters different versions of themselves in parallel worlds, facing infinite possibilities and evolving into complete versions of themselves, all presented through this powerful and unique project.

Armageddon’s title track is a hip-hop dance song with intense synth bass sounds and an old-school yet trendy track, embodying the second season narrative of aespa’s universe.



aespa first gave fans a taste of this project with “Supernova,” a dance track that offers an introduction to the storytelling of aespa’s universe and likens opening doors to different dimensions to a supernova. “Set The Tone” is a hip-hop dance song inwhich aespa confidently expresses that all atmospheres are dictated by their music. Next, “Mine” conveys the theme of overcoming trauma by revealing one’s true self that has been hidden by internal fears, and instead realizing that those fears have all been an illusion. With “Licorice,” aespa cleverly compares the allure of a mysterious person to licorice, highlighting the irresistibility of the feeling. The lively island-style guitar and catchy melodies in “BAHAMA” cheerfully depict the story of taking a tired friend on a trip, with the lively rapping capturing the energetic vibe of enjoying summer nights. “Long Chat” expresses the endless and cheerful conversations between friends throughout the night, allowing listeners to experience aespa’s bubbly vocal charm and the synergy between them. “Prologue” highlights a message surrounding the comfort of letting go of worries about the uncertain future and instead of comparing oneself to others, continuing to write one’s story at one’s own pace even if it feels shaky in the moment. “Live My Life” offers another self-love anthem with the bold declaration of breaking away from society’s norms and living life on one’s own terms. The album comes to a close with “Melody,” a delicate track that expresses gratitude for a special person whose voice brings strength at the end of the day.

Armageddon lands in the wake of the 2023 EP, Drama – The 4th Mini Album. The latter not only piled up hundreds of millions of global streams, but it also bowed at #2 on the Billboard Top World Albums Chart and in the Top 40 of the Billboard 200. Fittingly, CLASH hailed it as “a welcomed expansion to the aespa universe.”

Prior, MY WORLD – The 3rd Mini Album bowed at #9 on the Billboard 200 and marked their second #1 debut on the Top Album Sales Chart. Its predecessor, Girls – The 2nd Mini Album, catapulted into the Top 3 of the Billboard 200 and clinched #1 on the Top Album Sales Chart.


Armageddon Track Listing:

1.      Supernova

2.      Armageddon

3.      Set The Tone

4.      Mine

5.      Licorice

6.      BAHAMA

7.      Long Chat

8.      Prologue

9.      Live My Life

10.    Melody


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