Max & Iggor Cavalera’s Official Blood Brothers Coffee

Now Available in Single Serve Pods


This first promotion is limited to only (100) promo boxes which come w/ (12ct) pods per box with a sticker in the signature Blood Brothers’ coffee packaging.

When the Metal Tribe speaks…we listen…we obey the bloodthirsty! These pods are just another way to make the best coffees even more accessible to Metalheads everywhere. We were initially skeptical we could put out a quality pod that matched the integrity of Max & Iggor’s coffee, but what has always kept us motivated and driven are the posts and stories Metalheads around the world tag us in when their coffee arrives in the mail…we’ll always take these over any Google review or magazine editorial any day. It just goes to show we’re all Chiefs & Chiefess’ in the Metal world! What’s up next for the Cavalera coffee Tribe…well…what do they say…coffee heals the soul right…? – CONCEPT CAFES



The fans spoke & the Tribe listened; so now you can experience your metal coffee addiction as ready-to-serve! Max & Iggor Cavalera’s Official ‘Blood Brothers’ Signature Brazilian Coffee is available in single-serve pods.

Makes for the perfect addition to any Metalhead’s collection & the perfect gift for any caffeine fiend Metalhead, but we promise you won’t be able to keep your hands from shredding through them!

Max & Iggor wanted to create the perfect cup of Brazil’s finest coffee, so they decided on a new pod technology that features deeper, double-pleated filters, and a degassing lid, to avoid channeling (a common engineering defect found in most pods) and assure the freshest quality possible. They tested over & over until they landed on the perfect amount of coffee per pod to assure this perfect cup.

Whether at home, in the studio, or out on the road, when the Tribe needs some neck-breaking riffage, they can plug in a Blood Brothers’ pod and ‘CIRCLE PIT’!!!

Only available for shipping in the US for now…

ARISE!!! Drink of the lifeblood from the sacrificial soil!!! Legendary Brazilian Metal brothers Max & Iggor Cavalera’s official private label coffee Blood Brothers now comes in ready-to-drink single-serve pods. No expense or detail was sacrificed to bring you the absolute most epic experience from Max & Iggor’s home state in Brazil. With deeper pod construction & double-pleated filtering, this innovative pod system, delivers nothing short of a perfect cup of coffee with the perfect Brazilian coffee.

Also available in 12 oz. bags of whole bean or ground (drip, coarse or espresso). Sip what the tribe sups everyday in the studio & on the road to fuel the Cavalera Metal Machine!!!

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