Another Lost Year’s latest single “Wolves” has been working its way up the Active Rock charts. The band has a busy year ahead of them with the release of the video, a new album due out on June 10th that will be released via their own EMP Imprint and endless touring.

Another Lost Year’s video “Wolves”


Pre-sale for Alien Architect **will begin in March and continue throughout April. A free EP will be included with the pre-purchase package. More details to come shortly.

Clinton Cunanan says “It’s like Christmas as a kid, you wait all this time and here it is. We worked hard, we put the time in and it is good to see all the support. We have an amazing team behind us, an amazing product and we are coming for everything!”

The band took to the cornfields of Illinois and enlisted Jose Urquiza (3 Years Hollow) to help produce/mix/engineer their latest collection of songs. Already gaining radio attention with the album preview track, “Wolves”, there is no question whether this will be a career defining record for the Charlotte, NC quartet. Alien Architect **is on its way to being one of the next big records in not just active rock, but across the boards. Prepare for an incredible journey inside the souls of these guys, and the ride of a lifetime.

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