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C.O.A.R. Radio Show & Mayhem Music Magazine have partnered to showcase and feature independent artists from around the world that has gained the attention of the ‘C.O.A.R. Radio Show with your host Timothy J’

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Here is what the ‘Creative Original Artists of Rock’ played this week:

Friday 9/18/15 C.O.A.R. Radio Show Playlist

Here are the Creative ORIGINAL Artists of Rock played:
The King’s Horses (S.F. Bay Area)- Superman
Alexx Calise (L.A.)- Say it Loud
31scars (S.F. Bay Area)- When I Was
Pounders (S.F. Bay Area)- Separate Ways
Modern Kicks (L.A./ S.F.)- All’s Fair in Love and War
The Bye Bye Blackbirds (S.F. Bay Area)- Let Your Hair Fall Down
Cola (S.F. Bay Area)- Tongue Trippin’
Falling Red (U.K.)- We Escaped a Cult
Bigfoot (U.K.)- Bitch Killer
Edge Of The Blade (U.K.)- Down on My Knees
Kodiak Jack (U.K.)- Sirens
One-Eyed Doll (Texas)- Afflicted
Ravenscroft (L.A.)- Devil’s Concubine
Swamphammer (S.F. Bay Area)- Voodoo Doll
Space Vacation (S.F. Bay Area)- Cosmic Vanguard
Ulrich Ellison Music (Texas)- Can’t Sleep Another Day
Miss Crazy (S.F. Bay Area)- Hail Bruce Lee
LUCER (Sweden)- Midnight Sun
Debbie Ray (Sweden)- American Nightmare
Casablanca (Sweden)- Closer
D15 (S.F. Bay Area)- Gem in My Head


Thusday 9/16/15 C.O.A.R. Radio Show Playlist 

Here are the Creative ORIGINAL Artists of Rock played:
Kenny Thomas And The Southern Baptists (S.F. Bay Area)- Driving at Night
Mutha Jones (S.F. Bay Area)- Ain’t Got Time
The Hard Ponys (S.F. Bay Area)- Down on You
Bobby “Dazzle” Danger (Australia)- She’s Got it
The Bye Bye Blackbirds (S.F. Bay Area)- Let Your Hair Fall Down
Modern Kicks (L.A./ S.F.)- Up All Night
Life Size Models (S.F. Bay Area)- State of Mind
Kougaran (Michigan)- Good Good Times
TUCO RAMIREZ (S.F. Bay Area)- Latin Girl
Eldorado (Spain)- Mad Woman
Darusso (Costa Rica)- Love is Blind
Ulrich Ellison Music (Texas)- Ten Feet tall
The Muggs (Michigan)- Applecart Blues
Swamphammer (S.F. Bay Area)- Constrictor
Kodiak Jack (U.K.)- Sirens
Bigfoot (U.K.)- The Other Side of Paradise
THEIAuk (U.K.)- Ride On
Emerald Sun (Official) (Greece/Germany)- Screamers in the Storm
Emerald Sun (Official) (Greece/Germany)- Black Pearl
Space Vacation (S.F. Bay Area)- Rolling Thunder
Ravenscroft (L.A.)- Devil’s Concubine


Tuesday 9/15/15 C.O.A.R. Radio Show Playlist 

Here are the Creative ORIGINAL Artists of Rock played:
Gundacker Project (S.F Bay Area)- You Won’t Take Us Down (Without a Fight)
Gundacker Project (S.F Bay Area)- Save Yourself
GypsyFlight (S.F Bay Area)- I Don’t Buy Your Lines
GypsyFlight (S.F Bay Area)- Ode to the Corporate Crook
Miss Crazy (S.F Bay Area)- Hate Me Love Me
Freakshow (S.F. / L.A.)- Everyone
Saker (S.F Bay Area)- Heartbeat
Bad Boy Eddy (S.F Bay Area)- Crazy Eyes
Casablanca (Sweden)- My Shadow Out of Time
Casablanca (Sweden)- Closer
SEXY- The Band (Switzerland)- Shout For Sexy
SEXY- The Band (Switzerland)- Supernova Queen
Emerald Sun (Official) (Greece/ Germany)- Screamers in the Storm
Emerald Sun (Official) (Greece/ Germany)- Metal Dome
Swamphammer (S.F Bay Area)- Voodoo Doll
Swamphammer (S.F Bay Area)- Weedshackl


Monday 9/14/15 C.O.A.R. Radio Show Playlist 

Here are the Creative ORIGINAL Artists of Rock played:

Xtasy (Spain)- Is it You
Alexx Calise (L.A.)- Say it Loud
LUVPLANET (S.F. Bay Area)- Virtual Life
GypsyFlight (S.F. Bay Area)- Ode to the Corporate Crook
Stone Trigger (Ireland)- I Declare War
Chase The Ace (Israel)- The Cat on the Loose
The Genders (Israel)- Knee High Boots
Hellraiser USA (Illinois)- Boogie Man
Dynamite – Rock band (U.K.)- Black
DYNAMITE (Sweden)- Talk is Cheap
ONOFF (Ireland)- Waitin’ On You
SEXY- The Band (Switzerland)- Shout For Sexy
Emerald Sun (Official) (Germany)- Metal Dome
ORION (S.F. Bay Area)- Flying Through Space Without Oxygen
REVEL 9 (New York)- The Good Fight
Ravenscroft (L.A.)- Devil’s Concubine
Blacklist Union (L.A.)- Evil Eye
Bigfoot (U.K.)- The Other Side of Paradise
Saker (S.F. Bay Area)- Heartbeat
Miss Crazy (S.F. Bay Area)- All About You


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Timothy J. Bednarz, a.k.a. Timothy J. has spent almost 30 years in the music and radio world. His career as a performing Rock singer started in his birth state of Minnesota, and continued after his move to the S.F Bay Area in Northern California where he still lives. Timothy has always had a very strong love affair with music and radio, and he always wanted to be involved with both. This focus intensified even more during high school as his other dream of becoming a pro-athlete faded away. After ‘retiring’ as a performing Rock singer in 1995, Timothy went right into radio starting at the world famous KFJC 89.7 FM at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, CA. For the next 10 years, Timothy worked in professional radio at a few San Jose based commercial radio stations where he would become a weekend DJ as well as a Producer / Air Personality for two different morning shows. When that all came to an end in 2009, Timothy went on to become a full-time mobile DJ and returned to being a Rock singer for a couple of local S.F. Bay Area Rock bands. This is when he saw something was going very wrong in the live music community. Timothy saw that preferential treatment was being given to tribute bands and to cover bands over original music artists all over the S.F. Bay Area music community. Timothy thought this was inexcusable, so an online Blog was born. The first blogs would eventually lead to a Facebook page being created called ‘Creative Original Artists Rock’ or C.O.A.R. where the online Blog is still represented today. C.O.A.R. is dedicated to questioning this current ‘music culture’ as well as for giving passionate support to the music artists who are creating original music. The C.O.A.R. Radio Show is an extension of the online Blog. While Timothy was doing radio interviews supporting an album that he was a part of as a singer/co writer he was repeatedly asked if he’d ever been on the radio by the radio hosts interviewing him. Many suggested that if he wasn’t already, he should be on the radio. With that the C.O.A.R. Radio Show was born! The C.O.A.R. Radio Show is all about putting a spotlight on and being a champion for independent Creative Original Artists of Rock. The show broadcasts four days a week on three different internet based radio stations. The show showcases everything from Acoustic Rock to Melodic Metal and everything in between that is Rock from the S.F. Bay Area and all over the world. Timothy’s desire for the show is to see it expand to more stations as well as to broadcast beyond internet based radio. To find out the C.O.A.R. Radio Show broadcast days, times and stations, as well as to contact and stay connected, visit us at:

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