Death metal bands can easily sometimes sound pretty damn generic and/or similar, so I usually
try to look for bands that are able to make something their own, or at least make a somewhat
unique sound. The combination of post-hardcore aesthetics with the depth of hardcore
instrumentals/vocals is what makes the band Cadence Calling stand out so much for myself. They
have been described as being, “known for wearing black out contacts and dark clothing. Their
musical influences range from artist’s that includes August Burns Red, Motionless in White,
Architects, Parkway Drive, Phinehas, Pvris, and Asking Alexandria,” which makes sense, since
these are some of my favorite bands.

Their newly produced album “Dark Sentiment” , which was produced by Sam Guaiana of Room
21 Sound, will be released on November 17, 2017. “Dark Sentiment” is a six-track album full
of amazing melodies, brutal vocals, and fast-paced rhythms.

The opening track of the album is titled “The Accounts of Evil”, and is mainly composed of fastpaced
instrumentals backed by low gutteral screams. The song gradually builds up in intentsity
as it progresses, and also incorporates some bad-ass instrumental breaks inbetween vocals. The
next track “Skeletons” follows suit with the fast and intricate guitar patterns reinforced with an
attack of blast beat drums. The vocalist’s steady release of mid/high tone growls adds a little
more interest to this track as well as the low pitched bridge that is swarming with elaborate guitar
picking. The band’s musical style has been described as having, “a blend of new and old school
with relentless harmonies and melodies as well as ruthless heaviness accompanied with vocals
that are solely screamed.”

Their following track “A Promise of Forever” starts the song off with a callout to the listener, but
then falls back into the same pace of things until the bridge, which is quite a bit more quickly
paced than their first two tracks. Following this is the song “The Recluse”, which follows
previous song structures, but has a much slower delivery of vocals. I think that this approach
adds much more depth to the song as he uses a strong choice of lyrics that boost his vocals. The
band stated, “The most recurring theme of the EP is mental health as it is something extremely
important to us because it seems overlooked and isn’t talked about enough.”

“Apathetic” is the next song, and the first half shares similar qualities to the rest of the album
with their quickly paced vocals and instrumentals. The bridge is where their structure
drastically changes to include extremely melodic guitar patterns that soften up the song, but then
picks back up the intensity for the last minute. Their final track “Sleepless Nights” is
completely different as it opens up with a melodic guitar pattern. This song seems to include all
of the elements that have been introduced throughout the album jampacked into one, as heavy
drums and scream vocals kick in. Their is a wide variety of gritty/guttural vocals as well, which
adds a decent amount of structure. The soft melodic guitar pattern picks back up for the bridge
and then continues into some screamed lines for the last few measures.

In general, this album ended up being decently unique in part of their incorporated melodies and
harmonies into the brutalness of their tracks. Also, their choice of lyrics made me notice how
well their song structure was since I was listening so intently for the words. Overall, “Dark
Sentiment” is a prime debut by Cadence Calling, so be sure to keep an eye out for their release date!


review by Kyle Kryst of Mayhem Music Magazine

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