Finnish Rock Frontman CAMU Releases “The Future Proves the Past” Solo Track and Music Video


New Tracks Available via Spotify & iTunes


In 2010, with four albums and ten years of performing as the former frontman for Helsinki-based hard rock band Naked under his belt, CAMU was ready for change. When the band’s manager, Bill Aucoin (KISSBilly Idol), suddenly passed away in the same year, everything immediately fell apart. It was time for CAMU to take a break and focus on his personal life.
Now refreshed and returning with a new lease on life, CAMU has revealed a trilogy of new anthemic rock songs and corresponding videos telling the story of his life and the changes he has experienced during his hiatus. The three tracks – entitled “Empire State of Sound”, “The One You Leave Behind” and “The Future Proves the Past” – are available for download now via Spotify and iTunes. “The Future Proves the Past” can also be downloaded via Amazon.
CAMU has released two new music videos for the tracks “Empire State of Sound” (watch here) and “The One You Leave Behind” (watch here), and he’s wrapping up the trilogy with a music video for the final track – melodic rock anthem “The Future Proves the Past”. The video, which features CAMU‘s four-year-old son acting as his past self and scenes of CAMU taking on New York City.

The “The Future Proves the Past” video was filmed by CAMU, Geoffrey Jean-Baptiste (Empire, Cardi B), Kevin Vonesper and Kyel Bracero. The song was written, recorded and produced by CAMU, and mixed and mastered by Petri Majuri, with production and recording assistance by Dimi Dallas.
CAMU says about the video: “Since the song has a time travel element to it, it seemed fitting to go full out with it. My four year old son Makani stars in it as me in the year 1988. He’s not one to sit still as he’s high on life, but he did an excellent job and single handedly took the video to another level.
As far as my part in the present day, I just hit the streets of NYC and winged it. I had a fun time making this video. The video was filmed by myself and my friend Geoffrey Jean-Baptiste who’s worked on shows like Empire and filmed music videos for Cardi B. I also wanted to get the same NYC feel as the “Empire State Of Sound” video so I used Kevin Vonesper again for some of the on street scenes. Kyel Bracero, who worked with me on the “The One You Leave Behind” video, also ended up filming the last scene of the video. Came together great and gets the point across that you need to be brave and go with the flow designated to you by the universe.”
CAMU adds about the song itself: “I wrote “The Future Proves the Past” in my head while driving to the zoo. I knew it was special right away, I just had to bring it home. It turned out to be an anthem about my journey through life, a fitting track to wrap up the “Trilogy” release with.
I believe we are all dealt a pre- destined path, however it’s up to the individual to stray or stay on the path, that’s the tricky part. ‘Future’ is a song I am really proud of, it sounds killer and conveys the emotion and attitude I think everyone could use more of in order to make the matrix a more awesome place. It’s not easy to preserve the light you carry inside of yourself through your life, harness it by enjoying yourself. This song is probably my favorite song I have recorded, it sets the stage for what is to come.”
Stay tuned for a full-length album coming from CAMU in 2020!
CAMU is:
Vocals, guitar & bass: CAMU
Drums: Tikka
Lead guitar: Zack

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