Many music fans have been inquiring if guitarist Jason Hook has left Five Finger Death Punch. There hasn’t been any official announcement but it looks as if the writing is on the wall. First in February, Hook removed himself from the European tour after gallbladder surgery to take some time to recovery before the band’s Hamburg, Germany performance with guitarist Andy James replacing him for the duration of the tour. Since then touring world has shut down because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the band has been back stateside.

We get the music video for ‘A Little Bit Off’ which shows vocalist Ivan Moody, bassist Chris Kael, and guitarist Zoltan Bathory; but is missing Jason Hook who also happens to live in the Las Vegas area but was nowhere to be found.



There could have been numerous reasons why Hook would have missed the video shoot during this pandemic but a part could have been filmed at home and edited into the video. We then have fans asking on different social media outlets if Hook has left the band with no one giving any type of denial or confirmation.


Suspicions only grow as we find out that Jason has changed his twitter ID from @jasonhook_5fdp to @jasonhook03. We see no reason to remove the 5FDP from the id which also removed his verified status on twitter unless you are distancing yourself from the band. At this point, more inquiries are asked throughout social media with no one answering the question including Hook.


Here’s were we really start accepting that Jason Hook had decided to leave the band. On September 9th, bassist Chris Kael posts a photo of the guys together reading “The boys are back in town” which shows Kael, Moody, Bathory, drummer Charlie Engen, and once again no Hook.




This morning guitarist Zoltan Bathory posted images from their video shoot that they did on Thursday for the track ‘Living The Dream’. In the few photos that Bathory shared, Jason Hook was no where to be seen.



We here at Mayhem Music Magazine are fans of Five Finger Death Punch and are not into publicizing rumors. We are here to present the facts as they present themselves which does lead to speculation. It would be very easy for anyone in the group to confirm or deny if Jason is still part of 5FDP but it comes down to when or if anyone decides to do so including Jason himself.


We hope that Jason Hook is still in the band but if he is not, he will still have our support and we look forward to getting some form of verification….



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