The Dallas Texas alt-rock band has been forced to cancel their upcoming tour dates with Candlebox due to a serious motorcycle accident involving the band’s frontman Joe Grah.  Grah was struck head-on by a car, breaking his collarbone, left thumb, right hand, broken ribs and foot as well as suffering internal bleeding.  Grah will be in multiple surgery’s next week and has weeks of recovery ahead of him making it impossible to do the four scheduled shows with Candlebox.

“When we found out that we landed these Candlebox dates, it was a dream come true” states Grah.  “Along with Pearl Jam and SoundgardenCandlebox was a huge influence on Jibe.  I was hooked on Candlebox after a girlfriend took me to watch them at a club called the Basement.  They were so full of energy, amazing songs and were amazing performers. Toby and I started Jibe a week after the show!  I am very saddened to have to cancel these shows, and I look forward to making them up as soon as I recover.”
Jibe is composed of vocalist Joe GrahToby Bittenbender (guitar), Corey Tatro (bass), and Todd Harwell (drums). Since 1994, Jibe has consistently built a solid touring career.  Disposing stalwart tunes of alternative rock magnified by Grah’s vigorously melodic vocals, Jibe display their better commands on extreme and alternate effect settings.  Only one year after forming, the Texan crew released their first record, Live at Trees.  The album marked their impressive ability and offered them a growing popularity at the local music scene, solidified by 1996’s Jibe, their self- titled second album.  The band’s considerable following was then consolidated by their consecutive performances as the opening band for groups such as Slash, Theory Of A Deadman, ToadiesFastball, & Creed.  In 2000, and after yet another intense touring season, the Dallas team released their third record, In My Head, achieving regular airplay at various alternative & college radio stations. Underlining their increasing prevalence, the song “I’ll Meet You Half Way” landed at the No.1 position on KXUL in Monroe, LA, where it would stay for several weeks.
The band’s latest release Epic Tales Of Human Nature is out now.
For more  information, check out the band’s web properties:
Official: www.jibeband.com

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