“I want now what I’ve always wanted – to be a successful musician”


Mayhem Music Magazine has teamed up with The Creative Original Artists Rock Radio Show to highlight independent artist from around the world. The C.O.A.R. Radio Show Artist Spotlight feature is artist Kat Rochichaud. To spotlight Kat Robichaud, Mayhem Music Magazine took this opportunity to ask Kat a few questions to find out more about her present projects, her time on The Voice, and to admire her great sense of humor.


Mayhem Music Magazine:  Who is Kat Robichaud on the inside that the world doesn’t see?


Kat Robichaud:  A witch (or warlord. Can women be called warlords? Warlord sounds better. Warlord.) sent down from the gods to protect the universe and bring peace through rock and roll.


Mayhem Music Magazine:  What is it that Kat Robichaud the artist wants to convey to the public?


Kat Robichaud:  I need to keep my secret identity hidden from the public for their own safety. Kat Robichaud is my human mask, if you will. My real name is Thunderella, Lordess of Zafuu. Kidding. I’m just the little girl who wanted to sing for people and make them happy since forever. I want little girls and younglings of Zafuu to know that it’s ok being different, that it does get better, that you DO belong somewhere on this enormous planet and that you will find it if you keep looking. It only took me 31 years.


Mayhem Music Magazine:  How have the aspirations of being an artist changed from your first days in music to where you are now?


Kat Robichaud:  Ok, I can answer this for serious. They haven’t changed. I want now what I’ve always wanted- to be a successful musician. To make a living (in San Francisco, of all the most expensive cities) as an original artist. I want to make people happy, including myself, through entertainment.


Mayhem Music Magazine:  With being a contestant on Season 5 of The Voice, what were the positives and negatives of being on a show that reached the mass public?


Kat Robichaud:  Positives- being on a show that has an enormous international reach, networking, learning about myself, connecting with my heroes. Negatives- TROLLS TROLLS TROLLS TROLLS and the double-edged sword.


Mayhem Music Magazine:  Knowing what you know now, would you have still done the show and if so, what would you have done differently?


Kat Robichaud:  Yes, I would have done the show, for the sheer enjoyment of telling my Lyft driver- “Hey, you know this guy/girl singing right now? I totally performed with them/ sang their song on network TV in front of MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. What? Yeah, it’s this apartment on the corner. Yeah, you can drop me off here. That’s fine. Ok, thank you! Have a nice night!”

It was an honor to be on The Voice and an utterly surreal experience. I am eternally grateful to everyone who helped me on the show, especially when I struggled and got lost in the craziness of it all. If I could have done one thing differently it would have been to have more faith in myself and to pick songs that defined me rather than songs that I though America would like.


Mayhem Music Magazine:  Tell us about ‘Kat Robichaud & The Darling Misfits’ as well as ‘Kat Robichaud’s Misfit Cabaret: Wilde Women’.


Mayhem Music Magazine Kat Robichaud 11


Kat Robichaud:  Kat Robichaud and The Darling Misfits is my glam rock band in which I write sweaty glam rock songs and then my sexy sweaty bandmates perform them with me at rock venues. Kat Robichaud’s Misfit Cabaret is a variety cabaret show that I co-produce and star in. I sing mostly broadway tunes and songs that are centric to the theme of the evening with some originals mixed in a more stripped down jazzy vibe. We have burlesque, drag, circus and vaudeville acts that I curate from the Bay Area as well as some out-of-town gems. Both are sexy. Sexy sexy.


Mayhem Music Magazine:  Kat Robichaud the artist gives an artistic nod to glam rock of the 70’s.  If Ziggy Stardust, Meatloaf, and Frank-n-Furter had a test tube child, that child would be you. (That’s meant as a compliment)  I say that because you have a brilliant blend of fashion, vocals ability, and theatrics. With that being said, has the performance always been as important to you as the music?


Kat Robichaud:  First of all THANK YOOOOOOU. I happen to love all of those people, even if one of them isn’t a real person (Meatloaf). Performance has always been important to me. I used to perform in front of a mirror as a kid. I would create dances and perform with imaginary friends. I grew up feeling like the ugly duckling so I kept it hidden for the most part until college when I joined my first band and someone told me I could sing. Very late bloomer. Happy to be growing more and more into myself. 30s are better than 20s.


Mayhem Music Magazine:  What do you see in the future for Kat Robichaud?


Kat Robichaud:  I just visited Mendocino for the first time. That was pretty damn magical, although there was an old crotchety guy who yelled “JESUS CHRIST” at me because I accidentally bumped his chair. It would be pretty sweet to live in one of those adorable houses by the sea, but only if I can teleport myself back to San Francisco to play shows and such. Everything is becoming more and more digital, and sweat pants are extremely comfortable, but I think there’s going to be a day when people really miss physical contact and they will actually choose a live show rather than Netflix.

In the future I hope I’m still able to play shows and perform and make people happy. And I hope my costumes keep getting bigger. I moved to this city with zero wigs. I know own eight of them.


Mayhem Music Magazine:  I knew who you were from your time on The Voice. I was reacquainted with you as an artist while listening to your new music on the C.O.A.R. Radio Show and by talking with their host Timothy J. (Bednarz). Tell me what you think of both The C.O.A.R. Radio show as well as their host Timothy J.


Kat Robichaud:  Lovely radio station that plays my music as well as other deserving local artists that don’t have big label push. Timothy is a lovely human who’s nice enough to play my music. xo



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