You have your festival tickets to attend Monster Energy’s Aftershock 2016 at Discovery Park in Sacramento , Ca. on October 22nd & 23rd. Tickets are a necessity but are you really prepared for such an event. We break down the Do’s and Don’ts to make sure you have the best time possible. Let’s start with the basics, if the forecast calls for a hot sunny day then bring sunscreen and remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. The sun can take its toll on your body during all day festivals and protecting your skin and drinking plenty of water will help you enjoy making it to day two. What if the forecast calls for rainy weather? Then bring ponchos and rain boots because umbrellas will not be admitted in. You might be there to see Slayer, Zakk Sabbath, Ghost, Death Angel, or all of the above but the location has three different stages to perform on.




To make sure you are in the right place at the right time, plan ahead and find out band times and locations by going to the events website two weeks prior at: Pre plan your parking by purchasing a premium parking pass in advance or a park and ride shuttle pass so you can be at the event when the doors open at 11:00am. There will be no camping or overnight parking so planning ahead is a must.

Are there rules against crowd surfing or moshing at the event? Both crowd surfing and moshing are prohibited and is cause for ejection from the festival. You can still enjoy and express your love of music in other ways. Now for the Do’s. Do know what is allowed into the festival.



Here is a list of acceptable items.

• Cellphones

• Sunscreen (non-aerosol)

• Binoculars

• Small, point-and-shoot digital camera

• Hats and sunglasses • Earplugs ( these are essential)


For every Do, there are don’ts. This is a longer list so trying to sneak any of these items in just won’t work.

No audio recording devices

• No professional cameras or cameras with removable lenses

• No selfie sticks

• No lasers or laser pointers

• No drones

• No chairs of any kind

• No umbrellas

• No hula hoops or totems

• No balloons or beach balls

• No confetti

• No aerosol cans

• No whistles or air horns

• No fireworks or explosives

• No musical instruments of any kind

• No bags, backpacks, draw-string bags or duffle bags

• No weapons of any kind

• No drugs or drug paraphernalia

• No pets (with exception of documented service animals)

• No colors or patches

• No chains, chain wallets, or spikes

• No unauthorized vending or advertising


It is recommended that you do not bring in any bag of sort but if you must, here are the approved and non-approved bags.




Now for some of the other great parts of the festival that are notable. Beer, wine and mixed drinks will be sold to those with a valid ID. The festival is also working with local food trucks, restaurants, caterers, and vendors to provide top-notch food. There will also be several ATMs throughout the festival. There will also be many other things to do at Aftershock 2016 if you plan on missing a band or just hanging out like ‘Keep Golf Metal’. It’s a 9 hole miniature golf course. There are several drinking and tasking experiences from Jack Daniel’s to Monster Energy drinks. You will always have something to do. So now that you have this information, are you prepared for Monster Energy Afershock 2016?!







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