Indie pop-rock songwriter Matthew Schwartz, also known as Pacifico, has released his newest single & lyric video for “Beautiful” which is off of Pacifico’s newest album, Everest. The album is set for release ahead of his national tour on October 20th, 2017 (dates below). An honest expression of Matthew’s raw self, Everest is a self-produced collection of twelve catchy indie-rock tracks, filled with themes of life, love, struggles, faith, and the emotions that make up everyone in one way or another. “Beautiful” is a song about the euphoric, yet tired feeling you get after staying up all night doing what you love. Matthew Schwartz explains further:


“We’re so excited to share with you our newest single ‘Beautiful’ off our upcoming album Everest. Do you remember that feeling of joyful exhaustion after having danced through the night, seeing the best live show, or staying up with friends to watch the sun rise? That’s what the song ‘Beautiful’ is about. A dancy homage to being young, free, and surrounded by love. We hope you like the song!” – Matthew Schwartz a.k.a. Pacifico


Despite first impressions, Pacifico is not an ordinary band. At its most tangible, Pacifico exists in the world as an audible collage: a musical patchwork slowly pieced together by a revolving door of both established and roaming musicians, each adding a unique, artistic inch to the project at hand. But if you didn’t know any of that, you might label it as the surprisingly well rounded solo project of one musician: a guy named Matthew Schwartz. Pacifico was originally formed in 1999 and made notable marks in their career having their songs featured in movies (Wish For Christmas), on TV shows (Now What?, Sausage Factory), in video games (Rock Band Download), and on the radio. Additionally, their music video for “xMultiplyx” played on MTV and FUSE. However, after many years touring, recording demos, and playing showcases, the band parted ways.


It was then that Matthew decided to take Pacifico into a less committed approach, which allowed him to work with artists he wouldn’t have previously been able to collaborate with. Pacifico, now with a new focus, started to record songs and release them independently. Matthew has since been finally able to self-release two full-length albums, Thin Skin And An Open Heart where he collaborated with Jason Martin (Starflyer 59), Steven Dial (Project 86), and Sam West (Stavesacre), and Without Heroes, collaborating with Jesse Sprinkle of Poor Old Lu. For his new album and third full-length, Everest, Matthew decided to collaborate with Ronnie Martin (Joy Electric) for his analog synth skills. He also collaborated with published poet Vincent Cellucci for the lyrics, and Trey Wadsworth (Adult Swim) on the artwork. Everest has taken 3 and a half years, 5 studios and 12 musicians to create. With a more complex song structure, emotionally poetic lyrics and a new musical territory. Everest was certainly a hard climb, but what you see at the top is an honest, earnest, beautiful, and fun account of life in the 21st century.
Catch Pacifico on Tour This Fall:
October 12, 2017 – Baton Rouge, LA @ Spanish Moon
October 13, 2017 – Baton Rouge, LA @ Driftwood Cask and Barrel
October 18, 2017 – Houston, TX @ Super Happy Fun Land
October 19, 2017 – Austin, TX @ Love Goat
October 20, 2017 – Coralles, NM @ Coralles Bistro
October 21, 2017 – Santa Fe, NM @ Iconik Coffee
October 22, 2017 – Bisbee, AZ @ The Quarry
October 25, 2017– Los Angeles, CA @ The Lost Knight
October 26, 2017 – San Francisco, CA @ Simple Pleasures Cafe
October 27, 2017 – Chico, CA @ Naked Cafe (Day)
October 27, 2017 – Portland, OR @ Buffalo Gap (Night)
October 28, 2017 – Olympia, WA @ Hotel Red Lion
October 29, 2017 – Seattle, WA @ C and P Coffee Co (Day Show) & Tim’s Tavern (Night Show)
October 30, 2017 – Twin Falls, ID @ Twin Falls Sandwich Co
October 31, 2017 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Piper Down
November 1, 2017 – Denver, CO @ The Walnut Room
November 2, 2017 – Iowa City, IA @ Gabe’s
November 3, 2017 – Duluth, MN @ The Barrel Room
November 4, 2017 – Chicago, IL @ The Elbo Room
November 5, 2017 – Port Huron, MI @ Loud Music and Apparel
November 6, 2017 – Buffalo, NY @ Mohawk Place
November 7, 2017 – Rochester, NY @ Boulder Coffee
November 8, 2017 – New York, NY @ Pianos
November 9, 2017 – Rochester, NY @ Starry Nites Cafe
November 10, 2017 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Barbary
November 11, 2017 – Gastonia, NC @ Cavendish Brewery
November 13, 2017 – Nashville, TN @ Cobra
November 14, 2017 – Alpharetta, GA @ Jekyll Brewery

November 15, 2017 – Columbus, GA @ SOHO
November 16, 2017 – Marietta, GA @ Swayze’s


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Everest Track Listing:
1. The Need to Dismantle

2. Beautiful
3. Go Alone
4. In Love
5. Obsolete
6. If Love is Love (Then Let Us Try)
7. The Shadow of You
8. Stuffy
9. Talk All Night
10. No Monster
11. New Manchester GA

12. The Loneliest Man in the World

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