If it’s powerhouse prog rock that you’re after, then the fast-rising Pareidolia is the band for you. Hailing from New York City and consisting of Chandler Mogel (vocals), Stephen Dadaian (guitars), Jon-Michael Caldwell (bass), and Ryan Bertone (drums), the band will be independently issuing their debut full-length, ‘Denied Truths,’ on June 24th (available through Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby but also streaming services like Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, Tidal, Rhapsody, iHeartRadio and others).

“This was an interesting experience because it represents the first time we all worked together for an extensive amount of time,” explains Stephen (who also co-produced the album, along with Ethan Bill). “I wanted every track to have a special meaning on this album. While it’s not a concept album in the traditional sense, there are common themes that bind the tracks together. We touch on topics such as the trials and tribulations of man, overcoming our own faults, things we all face at one time or another in our lifetime. Trends come and go in music, but I feel music with substance and a meaningful message can never be swept to the side. We wanted the intensity and energy behind our message to match the music that was the vessel we were delivering it through.”

And the sonic proof is in the quality of the tunes, especially in several of Stephen’s favorite tracks. “‘Quench the Fire’ is a raw, aggressive, energetic track that is only fitting to start the album. ‘Betrayed Within’ was a favorite, so much so that we decided this would be our single to shoot our first music video for. This tells the story of being betrayed by someone from within your inner circle, even a family member. ‘Redeemed’ is one of the heavier tracks on the album with perhaps the most intense guitar solo as well. In a way, this song embodies our approach to this album. However, the palette spans a broad range and whether you enjoy the fusion breakdown in ‘A Part of Me’ or progressive solo sections in ‘Leave Me Alive,’ there is plenty to listen to depending on your mood.”
The recently-unveiled video for the single “Betrayed Within”

Pareidolia is fresh off a performance at the Guitar Gods Festival in Miami alongside such six-string legends as Yngwie Malmsteen and Steve Vai. Chandler also recently lent his vocals to Angel guitarist Punky Meadows’ recently released solo disc, ‘Fallen Angel,’ while Stephen has won guitar competitions hosted by Slash, Jon Donais, Ernie Ball Music Man, Dean Guitars / Pantera, and has been featured in and Guitar World magazine.

Lastly, what are Pareidolia’s future plans? “While we have performed outside our immediate area such as at the Guitar Gods Festival, we will be working on performing in support of the release of this album. We plan to focus on continuing to establish our fan base in the NY-NJ area and hope to spread from there. We will be looking to book shows and perform with like-minded bands so fans can see these songs really come to life. We are also constantly writing and coming up with ideas. As we are performing we are also working on our next endeavor which will build on what we have already started with ‘Denied Truths’.”

‘Denied Truths’ track listing:

1. Quench The Fire

2. Leave Me Alive

3. Betrayed Within

4. Redeemed

5. Die Living

6. Lie To The Angels

7. All As One

8. Voices: I. Introduction

9. Voices II. Wasting Water

10. Ten-Ton Halo

11. A Part of Me

12. Risen

13. Kiss the Glass


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