Symphonic metal outfit AD INFINITUM have released their debut studio album, ‘Chapter 1: Monarchy’ today via Napalm Records. On the new record, the Swiss four-piece seamless merge elements of rousing metal sensibilities with vivid motifs inspired by the epochs of 14th century Europe during the Black Death and then Versailles during the reign of Louis XIV. Led by vocalist Melissa Bonny, Ad Infinitum cast a unique light on both European metal and history.



Ad Infinitum – Chapter 1: Monarchy
The band’s debut album grabs your demons by the horns, boasting energetic and uncompromising symphonic metal set atop a rousing journey throughout history. Escaping the Black Death and transporting you to another era, standout track “Marching on Versailles” breaks in with smashing drums and forceful guitar riffs. Melissa Bonny’s multi-faceted vocals fill every fiber of the anthemic “Demons” — from powerful, fragile highs to deep growls, the track will send shivers down your spine. The energetic and equally melodic soundscapes of the vigorous ballad “Fire and Ice“ perfectly illustrate the heart-wrenching tones of AD INFINITUM. With Chapter I: Monarchy, AD INFINITUM puts a spell on the world and surges right into the heart of epic symphonic metal with full force.
Chapter 1: Monarchy Tracklisting:
1. Infected Monarchy
2. Marching on Versailles
3. Maleficient
4. See You in Hell
5. I Am the Storm
6. Fire and Ice
7. Live Before You Die
8. Revenge
9. Demons
10. Tell Me Why



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