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When you think of the Salinas Rodeo Grounds, you think of cowboys, horses, or simply….the rodeo. What we were given instead on a Friday night in July were five guys from Boston known as the legendary Aerosmith.

As the music started, singer Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry entered the stage by rising through the floor and into view of the crowd with the song “Let the Music Do the Talking” as their opening number. The Band sounded phenomenal with Steven singing every note like it still mattered no matter how many times he’s sang it before.

The set was a heavy on the hits from the 80’s and 90’s, but they did some from the 70’s. This didn’t seem to detour the Aerosmith fan filled audience as the biggest cheers came from hits like “Cryin”’ & “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”. Steven and Joe still had the looks and attitude of the same guys I saw perform almost 30 years ago. These guys may be older but I’d put them up against any musicians half their age and they’d show them how to put on a rock show.

The rhythm section of guitarist Brad Whitford, bassist Tom Hamilton, and drummer Joey Kramer seem to settle back in their positions on stage and let Steven and Joe steer the ship. Aerosmith put on a two hour show that consisted of modern classics like “Love in an Elevator”, “Jaded”, “Livin’ On the Edge”, and “Rag Doll”. For those who have enjoyed the bands since their early days, we were also treated to “Last Child”, “Toys In the Attic”, “No More, No More”, “Walk This Way” and “Season of Wither” with Steven also playing some guitar.

What Aerosmith show would be complete without an encore that featured Steven on piano playing “Dream On” and the closing of the show with “Sweet Emotion”. As everyone headed to their cars I could hear people saying “what a great show” and they were right.

*We hope you enjoyed this Aerosmith Live Review.  We would like to thank Charles Hyman for the photography and review. Be sure to check back for more reviews.

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  1. Let the Music Do the Talking
  2. Love in an Elevator
  3. Cryin’
  4. Jaded
  5. Last Child
  6. Livin’ on the Edge
  7. Toys in the Attic
  8. Drum Solo
  9. Rag Doll
  10. Stop Messin’ Around(Fleetwood Mac cover)
  11. I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing
  12. Movin’ Out
  13. Walkin’ the Dog(Rufus Thomascover)
  14. Seasons of Wither
  15. No More No More
  16. Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
  17. Walk This Way
  18. Dream On(With snippet of “Home Tonight” as intro)
  19. Sweet Emotion

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