As AMERICAN WOLVES’ introduction to the music world, “Part of Me” has hints of Alternative, Rock and even Pop in the mix, and is the perfect representation of the 4-piece’s bold, comprehensive approach to their music. “Part Of Me” is blessed with a truly stadium-rousing chorus that will have fans reaching for the replay button time and again while folding enough heart-on-sleeve emotion into the heady blend to set it above the saccharine masses.



At the helm of the group is songwriter and vocalist, Rod Pires, with a soaring voice that is already marking the enigmatic, Sao Paolo-born singer out as a performer with bona fide star quality. Bassist Rob Lundy, drummer Tyler Blinn and Guitarist Nicole Zell round out the dynamic, euphoric and profoundly modern lineup. American Wolves’ coming together was as twenty-first century as their sound.  “We found Nicole and Tyler through the internet, basically!” laughs Rob. “They are both amazing performers in their own right. Incredible players who matched mine and Rod’s enthusiasm from day one.”

Big things are afoot for the band, with their 5-track EP being readied for an independent release, produced by Dan Korneff (Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Breaking Benjamin).  Rod, being the prolific songwriter that he is, has an arsenal of material written for upcoming releases.

And so, despite being a box-fresh proposition, the foursome is setting their sights on conquering the biggest horizons they dare to dream of. These wolves don’t just want to briefly turn heads, but add to their growing pack by producing art of genuine vision and cultural worth.




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