Bibeau‘s new album self-titled debut arrives on March 23, 2018 via Fade to Silence Records. To herald the release, the band has shared the new song/music video “Leeway”

“Leeway” is now available for download/streaming at iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and all worldwide sites. Special 12 song special CD digipack debut record available 3/23/18 via Alliance/Amped Distribution and AWAL Digital worldwide.


Bibeau mystify listeners with atmospheric melodies over adventurously progressive, powerful dynamics that create an undeniably epic wall of sound that has become the Texans’ trademark. 

According to vocalist Drew Theiring, “the lyrical content of “Leeway” comes from an emotional dark spot in someone’s life. There’s a light in the black emerging throughout the tune and, a festering of issues to the surface. Being lied to or taken advantage of is never pleasant nor is it always intended. There’s hope in the fact that life may award you leeway, even if it’s just enough to breathe.
The “Leeway” guitar melody line was written by guitarist/songwriter Robin Bibeau, who subsequently framed the song around what started out as a fingerpicking experiment. “I was playing around with some hybrid picking exercises on guitar, and it eventually developed into what would become the intro to “Leeway”. It was very organic and the intro was kind of like a seed that sprouted into the rest of the song.” added Robin Bibeau
The video was directed by Justin Mosley at Dark Letter EntertainmentJustin, who directed the band’s first music video, “Mark This”as well as their lyric video “Phantom of the Opera”. Justin added, Developing the narrative for the “Leeway” video presented a unique challenge. We wanted to demonstrate the emotional conflict conveyed in the song’s lyrics in a physical way, but in a way that featured the warring couple rather than some metaphorical subjects. We decided to create a scenario wherein the couple uses an isolated location and a variety of weapons to take turns purging their frustrations. The concept lent itself to some great aerial shots and visuals that marry well with the song. The whole thing was a great experience. It’s always a blast working with the guys in Bibeau“.
On the day after the album’s release, Bibeau is partnering with Rock Rage Radio and Fade to Silence Records to host a special hometown record release party at Click’s Live in Tyler, Texas. The event includes a special listening party, meet and greet/autograph signing and a live concert, which will be hosted by Rock Rage Radio’s James Gentry from “Soundcheck with Gentry” and Jess Rock Rage Rage from “The Sideshow”. Bibeau are set to return to the road in America again in late Spring.

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