Burning The City to Embers




Lamb of God has earned their spot in the metal world with eight studio albums (if you count their album released under their original moniker of Burn The Priest) and two decades of performing as Lamb of God or under BTP. Now they come to tear up the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium as part of the Slayer/Lamb of God/Behemoth Tour. The band is still on the road touring to support Lamb of God’s 2015 release ‘VII: Sturm und Drang’. Vocalist Randy Blythe comes on stage and perches upon the center riser to belt out ‘Laid to Rest’. The stage has large video screens for backdrops showing everything from lava to cities in ruins. Randy Blythe takes advantage of the full stage covering from end to end as he entertains the audience as Lamb of God cut through tracks like ‘512’, ‘Ruin’, and ‘Blackened The Cursed Sun’.


In 2016, drummer Chris Adler was splitting his time between LoG and and metal titans Megadeth. It was great to see Adler behind the drums of Lamb of God where he is such an integral part of the band. Both guitarists Mark Morton and Willie Adler were on point with loud, and I do mean fucking loud riffs as they burn through the venue. Bassist John Campbell cannot be left out with his pounding rhythms that held everything together. Other songs scorched through on this entertaining night of bombardment were ‘Now You’ve Got Some- thing to Die For’, ‘Redneck’, ‘Descending’, and ‘Still Echoes’. The band proves why they’ve lasted as long as they have because strong songs alone do not get people of their asses in this day and age. You need to also have built a strong following and entertain those who make it out to see the band and Lamb of God succeeds on all aspects.


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