Nothing More saunter onto the stage at the Shoreline Amphitheatre to deliver their show’s opener ‘Do you really want it?’. With the intensity of the band’s first song, shirtless and shoeless vocalist Jonny Hawkins continues to deliver heart pounding tracks like ‘Let ‘em Burn’ and ‘Go to War’.

Jonny flails and moves on stage as if possessed by the late great Jim Morrison. When the music moves you, you just have to go with it. (even when it’s your own.) I’ve seen the band perform previously and they always give it all they’ve got while performing. With that being said, guitarist Mark Vollelunga’s mastery of the fretboard was completely on point today as his tone and solos cut through the air like a chainsaw. He sounded better than ever.


Jonny Hawkins of Nothing More


The band changes gears as they bring the energy level down to go acoustic for ‘Just Say When’. This doesn’t last long as they bring the fire back as they tear into ‘Mr. MTV’. Nothing More has always been a band with a conscious and has written about humanity, inner turmoil, politics, and other taboo topics. The band’s next song is one of those that deals with affliction entitled ‘Jenny’ which takes on the topic of mental illness.


Mark Vollelunga of Nothing More


Nothing More are sounding incredible today as the rhythm section of bassist Daniel Oliver and drummer Ben Anderson are holding things together for Hawkins and Vollelunga. They saw a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and Nothing More is showing no weak links. The band next intros in with ‘Ocean Floor’ directly into ‘This is The Time’. This song live is an event in instrumentation and layering of sound and vocals that it being pulled off live is a wonderment.


Daniel Oliver of Nothing More


Nothing more has been a band that over the years has presented some type of music prop onstage during their show. This time around the band has created the Scorpion Tail. It’s a tower built on bass drums that Hawkins can climb up on top of to sing and created industrial type noises that coincide with their edm Skrillex cover of ‘First of The Year’. This definitely is a highlight of the show. The band end the show with Salem (Burn The Witch).


Ben Anderson of Nothing More


Nothing More prove today that the band is always moving forward by building their fan base by continuing to release new albums with strong material and putting on shows that are energetic and pleasurable as this one.


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