Daughters of Darkness Available Tomorrow via Rare Bird Books


Join noted celebrity and music photographer Jeremy Saffer and special guests from his Daughters of Darkness coffee table book for a virtual book release party tonight, on the eve of the tome’s release via Rare Bird Books.
The party will feature guests from Saffer’s photographic love letter to the iconography of Black Metal and Doom, as well as giveaways, discount codes and much more. The party begins at 8 p.m. EDT at www.twitch.tv/jeremysaffer.
Daughters of Darkness is scheduled for release on October 30 and will be available in four editions: Standard Edition Bundle [Signed] ($60), Blood Edition Bundle [Signed w/ Slipcase] ($100), Extra Bloody Bathory Edition [Signed Limited Edition] ($150) and The True Daughters of Darkness Deluxe Box Set [Custom Hand-Sewn w/ 24 Extra Photo Pages Not Included In Any Other Edition—Exclusively Limited to 25 Copies Worldwide] ($666). For additional details on each package and for pre-orders, visit www.daughtersofdarknessbook.com.
The Bathory Edition includes the book with standard cover, a Daughters of Darkness tote bag, five 4×6 Daughters of Darkness metallic mini prints, two Daughters of Darkness corpse paint guitar picks, three stickers, one Daughters of Darkness phone-pop, and an Introduction by Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe and foreword by Cradle of Filth’s Dani Filth.
The Extra Bloody Bathory Edition includes everything from the Standard Edition, plus a Bathory Edition Exclusive Slipcase, five 8×12 Daughters of Darkness metallic prints, two additional Daughters of Darkness corpse paint guitar picks and three Daughters of Darkness and Rare Bird stickers.
The Extra Bloody Bathory Edition bundle includes the book with a hand-numbered slipcased limited-edition “Blood” cover not available in stores and adds a corpse paint make up set, a total of six Daughters of Darkness corpse paint guitar picks in a custom tin, a Daughters of Darkness woven back patch, a Daughters of Darkness t-shirt and two Daughters of Darkness and Rare Bird enamel pins to the Bathory Edition.
The True Daughters of Darkness Deluxe Box Set bundle includes the book in a custom hand-sewn version limited to 25 copies worldwide with a hand-numbered slipcased ultra–limited edition alternate cover not available in stores. The package also includes a custom handmade Daughters of Darkness wooden box, a crushed velvet alter throw, a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity, two black candles, a corpse paint make-up set, a Daughters of Darkness tote bag, 10 8×12 Daughters of Darkness metallic prints, 20 4×6 Daughters of Darkness metallic mini prints, a Daughters of Darkness woven back patch, a Daughters of Darkness t-shirt, a Daughters of Darkness hoodie, a custom tin with six Daughters of Darkness corpse paint guitar picks, three Daughters of Darkness and Rare Bird stickers, two Daughters of Darkness and Rare Bird enamel pins and one Daughters of Darkness phone-pop.
A Daughters of Darkness soundtrack will feature pivotal tracks from 12 artists culled from the Season of Mist black metal archives, including Abbath, Mayhem, 1349, Watain, Carach Angren, Carpathian Forest, Rotting Christ, Gaahls WYRD and more, curated by Saffer himself. The record will feature more than 60 minutes of music on limited edition gatefold double 45rpm vinyl. The album will be released as a free companion to the Daughters of Darkness Bathory, Bloody Bathory and box set editions of the book, and will not be available in stores. In addition to the gatefold packaging, the set will include a limited edition poster and liner notes written by Saffer. Fans who have pre-ordered either of the Bathory, Bloody Bathory or box set will automatically receive the record, and those wishing to upgrade their pre-orders can visit https://rarebirdlit.com/daughters-of-darkness-upgrade.
Darkness of Darkness corpse paint guitar picks in a custom tin, a Daughters of Darkness woven back patch, a Daughters of Darkness t-shirt and two Daughters of Darkness and Rare Bird enamel pins to the Blood Edition Bundle.
Saffer is available for interviews now.
About Jeremy Saffer:
Since 2004, photographer Jeremy Saffer has been making figures from the world of music, movies, and pop culture look iconic. Rightfully regarded as one of the most stylish and likable visual artists in contemporary media, he has crafted a recognizable, unique and fantastical range of styles that continue to dazzle in fresh and creative ways.
Utilizing his natural gift for alternative flair, it is Jeremy’s calling card to develop images and looks for clients that truly make the subject matter shine with star appeal and majestic imagery. For these reasons plus his likable, knowledgeable personality, his portfolio extends to the covers and inside the pages of international publications such as Kerrang, Revolver, Metal Hammer, Alternative Press, Guitar World, Outburn and countless other publications.
About Rare Bird Books:
Rare Bird operates as Rare Bird Books and Rare Bird Lit, two Los Angeles–based book industry firms founded by former Book Soup marketing and publicity director Tyson Cornell. Rare Bird Books, the publishing wing, is a PGW-distributed independent publisher of approximately fifty+ books each year in multiple formats, including print, ebook, audiobook, and limited edition. Rare Bird Lit, the services wing, is a boutique marketing, promotions, and design firm specializing in book industry services for major and independent publishers, authors big and small, and other organizations.
Jeremy Saffer online:
Rare Bird Books online:
Daughters of Darkness Bathory Edition

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